A Guide to Manufacturing Industry Business Software and Resources

Business owners and employees in the manufacturing industry need instant access to the vast amount of information that help keeps the business viable. Companies and small manufacturers risk losing their competitive edge without an easy, secure way to store and retrieve manufacturing information and documents, whether they are product designs, safety inspections, software code, calibration inspections or information regarding a pending trademark or patent. Turning to GoCanvas can help business owners get the job done right by providing advanced technology tools and small business manufacturing software to help ensure a safe, regulatory-compliant and well-run factory.

Keeping track of inventory, performing inspections, reviewing audits, meeting compliance requirements, and managing agreements and proposals are critical aspects of manufacturing work. Balancing even one of these important pieces of the business is very difficult, but managing them together is even more difficult. It does not have to be that hard. GoCanvas has crafted tools for an "electronic toolbox" to help everyone in the manufacturing business work smarter, not harder.

The variety of manufacturing-specific apps from GoCanvas are designed to help managers and staff capture information that can be fed into manufacturing planning system and tracking software, ultimately helping to streamline processes and eliminate waste.

Automated Manufacturing Systems

Manufacturing businesses face pressure from everywhere - government safety regulations, competition for employees, corporate push to lower production costs - but changing technology should not cause more pressure. In fact, as Smartphones and tablets become mainstream in the workplace and at home, integrating business operations into the ubiquitous computing world can actually make things a little easier, and may help ease pressure from other areas.

The right technology and software solutions can put control into the hands of employees out on the floor by allowing them to capture, process and manage information with each activity. Ensure compliance, create efficiencies, improve safety, and make real-time decisions by rethinking how you capture your important data.

Technology is no longer a luxury, it is a requirement! Catch up with the way most businesses conduct their business by going paperless with GoCanvas.

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Going Paperless

Merriam-Webster recognizes "paperless" as an official word now: relating to or involving the storage or communication of information in electronic form, rather than on paper. Going digital in this age of ubiquitous smartphones, iPads, tablets and smartwatches is much more plausible than ever.

Businesses worry that the expense and effort to integrate manufacturing inventory software, incident reporting, and quality assurance, for example, will have a negative impact on employee morale and production. On the contrary, imagine giving the floor supervisor the ability to pull up real-time production counts and employee schedule's all while trying to schedule a machine upgrade. He can determine the appropriate downtime and get the machine back on line all via apps designed specifically for the manufacturing world.

Regardless of whether you manage a small-batch or a full-scale manufacturing business, you will not regret moving to a paperless office!

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Common Forms for Manufacturing Professionals

Manufacturers know that being first to market gives a company a big advantage in the marketplace. On the flip side, being last to market can be a devastating blow to the bottom line. So why would any company want to be the last to join the digital age? Managing the seemingly never-ending stack of documents for checklists, safety audits, employee training forms, work orders and so much more, can be overwhelming.

Imagine walking the production line with just a cell phone, iPad or any portable electronic device while recording issues on the line, or with staff, and instantly alerting management or a service tech. Virtually eliminate lag time from the time a concern is raised until it is addressed using electronic forms.

GoCanvas has an app for nearly every aspect of manufacturing allowing you to throw away that mountain of paperwork, toss your pen and clipboard, and electronically manage each step of your job. Don't worry that a critical form is torn, wrinkled or smeared, or worse, lost. Online entry eliminates all those worries.

Capture photographs and signatures digitally, compile everything into a PDF document and email any document, such as problem reports, safety inspection results, or audits, to management quickly and securely with software for small businesses.

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Audits are used to show that what a business says they are doing is actually what they are doing, and audits are a big part of manufacturing shops. Whether it is time for a safety audit, a process audit, or a quality audit, ensure compliance with the FDA, OSHA, CPSC, retailers, or other parties, by using the most up-to-date audit checklists.

GoCanvas audits can be used by a third-party auditor or they can be used by internal staff to self-audit or conduct a mock-audit as a great way to prepare for a formal audit. Digital apps eliminate the need to dig through the file cabinet looking for last year's audit results or for this year's correct form.

Using an online, digital audit offers the ability to view check-lists, make notes, take pictures and gather signatures from any connected device including a cell phone, iPad or other tablet. All information entered into the app is saved securely to the GoCanvas Cloud.

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Eliminate the risk of error by making sure the most up-to-date checklist is used throughout the business. Checklists can be used in audits, inspections, employee hiring, or new production roll-out - the list goes on. Keep production running smoothly by eliminating the need for poring over the 300-page user's manual, or shuffling through the latest FDA Food Guidance & Regulation documentation.

When a question or issue arises, employees or the line supervisors can quickly pull out their smartphone and open the FDA Good Manufacturing Practices Checklist, for example, to avert any potential contamination issues.

GoCanvas has an app for nearly all areas of manufacturing operations, with the built-in flexibility to adjust the information to meet the business or a specific department’s needs. All information is safely and securely stored directly to the GoCanvas Cloud giving upper management instant access to real-time data.

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Manufacturers are under pressure to get those food items and cool new products out the door quickly. Customers may be clamoring for that must-have toy for their kid's birthday, but managers know that if production time is shortened either quality suffers, or an employee could be injured.

Inspection apps can be used in-house to run simulations to identify any safety or quality issues and get them fixed before they bec ome a problem. Shift supervisors can keep an inspection checklist handy on their Smartphones, spot-check items against production standards and make adjustments real-time. Stay ahead of OSHA, CPSC and the FDA by using inspection forms in-house to ensure your business is compliant.

During an inspection, a certified inspector can also use a GoCanvas app to go through the full inspection list, identify any items, make notes, take pictures and gather signatures from any connected device, like a cell phone, iPad or other tablet.

GoCanvas has a variety of inspection apps developed for the manufacturing industry. All information entered into the apps is saved securely to the GoCanvas Cloud, making the retrieval and submission of any or all of the data simple and quick.

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"Tracking" in the manufacturing world can mean many different things including tracking inventory, delivery trucks, sales or even defective products. Regardless of what is being tracked, it is clear that spreadsheets and highlighters are not the best tools for the job.

Real-time data is critical for managing operations and to make sure upper management and customers are kept fully informed. Access the needed information without juggling papers and pens: lookup information directly on a Smartphone and let the customer know when that fresh batch of cookies will be at their back door!

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Types of Manufacturing Industries

From the food and beverages we consume, to the shoes and clothes we wear, to the medications we take, and the cars and trucks we ride in everyday, everyone relies on manufacturers for something. Regardless of what material, product or component is being manufactured at your business, owners and employees must follow similar workflows, inspections, and government requirements and restrictions.

Maintaining a safe work environment, managing inventory, training employees, tracking, and sales are all key components of each manufacturer's business, and maximizing all of your resources can add to your bottom line. Going paperless - or digital - can help get you there!

Keep work delays, incidents, and violations to a minimum by quickly and easily tracking and monitoring each step of the process electronically. When you run your manufacturing operations from your phone, iPad, Tablet, or PC, using mobile apps and integrated computer programs you can improve your business efficiency.

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Contract Manufacturing

Regardless of whether you are a small-batch or high-volume contracting manufacturer, you know how important it is to be agile and to change focus quickly. When you switch from making a component for a computer one day to a component for a medical device the next, you need ready access to rules and regulations, production steps, and plans for the current product. Your production staff needs to hit the ground running to remain a dependable, competitive contract manufacturer.

There are not enough file cabinets available to hold all the pertinent information, but finding the right technology and operating platforms to bring all the information you need to your fingertips will keep your clients coming back. When your business and staff make the switch to electronic information storage, everyone will be better equipped to do their jobs.

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Food Production Manufacturing

To run a successful food processing operation you need a good product, a skilled workforce, and an excellent FDA compliance program. If you are still undecided about going digital to help ensure you follow and meet FDA requirements, wait no more! With virtually thousands of rules and regulations guiding food production, you will be left out of the market if you don't stay current on all the updates and changes with MRP software.

With downloadable GoCanvas apps, you can be assured you will have the most up-to-date food safety checklists, equipment sanitation requirements,packaging needs apps and more. Do not risk a health catastrophe by sending out tainted food due to lack of knowledge - go mobile today!

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Manufacturing and Technology Management

Making the decision to move nearly all aspects of your manufacturing work to technology can be daunting. But, when you think about all the wasted time and effort that goes into trying to organize and sort through the mounds of paperwork that is generated every day, the decision will be simple - and you will be happy!

Anyone in a manufacturing management position, whether a director of manufacturing and operations, a manufacturing manager or a production manager, knows that having immediate feedback during each step of the process can make the difference in meeting corporate and plant goals. Eliminating lag time in production planning, inventory tracking, plans, sales, and work orders can make the difference in signing a contract or losing out to your competitor. Knowledge is power, so imagine how powerful you will be when all that information is at your fingertips.

Smartphones have been around since 2009, and the technology has been proven reliable enough to run practically all aspects of a company. Keep up with technology by going digital. GoCanvas apps can ease the paperwork burden and streamline many current paper-based processes. All the data is securely saved to the GoCanvas cloud for easy, anytime, anywhere access.

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Popular Software and Apps

More managers are beginning to embrace manufacturing technology as they find it is helping to keep their production lines more efficient, and in general is making their lives easier. When looking for a software product that will work for you and your business make sure it meets your business needs and business size.

There are a variety of products on the market so you will want to find an IT consultant who can help you better understand your needs and requirements versus the software product offerings. You will probably want a product accessible from mobile devices, is user-friendly, integrates with a variety of mobile applications, requires little to no IT involvement has a good technical support team, and meets your budget. At the minimum you will want payroll, invoicing, and inventory tracking.

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Top Manufacturing Industry Management Software




Total solution including workforce management, time and attendance, labor management, HR management, employee scheduling, and production control; integrates with ERPs/payroll, mobile access.


Real-time tracking of resources including raw materials, machines, labor, and inventory; modular or full system purchase





Operational software offering production scheduling, inventory tracking, order management, picking/packing/shipping; some integration with company website; mobile inventory access with internet.


Specializes in assisting make-to-order and quick-turn batch manufacturers, barcode technology to track material; Monthly subscription basis or purchase with license fees.





Inventory control, material requirements planning, job shop floor control/manufacturing execution; integrates with QuickBooks accounting.


Automation and inventory management for small to midsize manufacturing





Lead management, Work Orders, Purchasing, Stock Control, Scheduling, and more. Integrates with QuickBooks and more.


Business ERP software for Manufacturers- production control software for the entire manufacturing sector.


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Keeping track of inventory, employees, safety violations, and equipment upgrades are just some of the many disparate items that need to be closely tracked at manufacturing businesses. Managing all of this can be a nightmare when information is stored in different offices, in different formats, or worse - in a different building across town!

Managers and small business owners need information in real-time to make the right decisions in a timely manner. News travels fast, but it needs to travel to you as soon as it happens! Employees and consumers (and the government) are relying on you to deliver a safe product, so key production news needs to get to you quickly and securely.

GoCanvas and its toolbox of apps for your manufacturing business are indispensable for all your tracking requirements.

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GoCanvas Apps for Scheduling Software

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When launching a new product, how much time are you spending shuffling through piles of audits, quality assurance reports and food handler incident reports that were thrown on your desk? Anytime your organization is focusing on getting a new product to market, ensuring a plan is in place to meet regulatory compliance is critical. And getting that plan into the hands of line supervisors, quality control personnel, and key employees will keep your production safe, efficient and on schedule.

Place your current manufacturing plan and resource planning on your mobile device, and share it with those who need it, when they need it. Using digital apps from GoCanvas you can upload and customize a variety of plans including a lean implementation plan, resource requirements plan, and a quality control plan to make sure everyone knows every step of the process.

GoCanvas apps can be accessed on the production floor online or offline, and any notes and feedback can be entered into the MRP software and saved to a secure cloud.

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Work Order

Whether you are producing an item for a first-time client or fulfilling an order for a previous product, GoCanvas can help ease the burden of paperwork by offering a variety of apps that can speed the work order process. Include photographs, a drawing, equipment and parts needed, pricing, estimated hours, and calculate final costs directly through a work order app managed through your mobile device. Secure a digital signature, send the work order immediately to the repair technician and save the final order in the cloud for future reference.

Let your contact know exactly what you intend to do, based on their needs and requirements, by using an electronic work order. Send the order electronically so everything can be double checked before the manufacturing work begins. Everything is stored securely on the GoCanvas Cloud and can only be accessed by those set up with appropriate access rights.

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Manufacturing worksheets may be needed for different aspects of the business. Daily operation worksheets, inventory tracking worksheets, and even business planning worksheets may all be required at some point. When you access them, you want to be able to update them quickly and have the information available to others just as quickly.

GoCanvas has a variety of mobile worksheet apps designed specifically for manufacturing. The worksheets can be easily modified to meet your unique business requirements, with the information available in real-time.

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Manufacturing sales reps often work in a high-pressure environment with requests to increase sales from corporate managers, clients calling for lower prices, and their personal drive to meet sales quotas. Help make it easier for your sales team by using the GoCanvas suite of products to streamline the sales process and to improve the way they provide proposals, contracts, and agreements.

From the initial contact, to creating a sales proposal to walking the customer through the options, closing a sale can be challenging especially with a remote sales team. Increase your sales and cash flows by using a GoCanvas sales app that makes going digital convenient, effective and easy. For easy access and sharing of the various documents needed to bring in that next job, give your sales force the tools they can carry with them on their Smartphone or tablets. The additional benefit in all of this is that those working back in the office can track the progress and provide input immediately.

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Popular software and apps

You place your trust in your sales force to bring in your business, so make sure they have the tools they need to give the clients what they need. You and your sales team can work smarter and more efficiently when you work together and share the same information - in real-time.

With the appropriate GoCanvas sales apps, the sales team can present, negotiate, and update pricing and proposals, seal the deal, get signatures, then generate a PDF file and send it back to corporate for approval - all while sitting in front of the client.

Don't keep your clients waiting for information - empower your sales team with the right tools and information by going paperless. Software packages, customer relationship management solutions, and mobile apps allow you to speed up your sales cycle and integrate with your backend system so you can generate those work orders as soon as the contract is signed.

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When closing a sale includes support from a contract manufacturer, it is critical to establish an agreement or contract that includes all the key components. Make sure to clearly spell out the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

Building the contract can be fast and accurate using an online process allowing you to use the sales proposal as the basis. Prepare the contract or agreement seamlessly by including the timeline, scope and other terms and conditions discussed during the sales cycle.

Then, when that final signature is secured for the sale, the agreement can be finalized and production can get started. All the necessary signatures can be captured with the swipe of a finger right on the Smartphone. Information and data is stored securely on the GoCanvas cloud, and can quickly be retrieved by only those with the appropriate access rights.

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Accounting Software for Manufacturing

If you are running a manufacturing company, you know just how important it is to keep proper financial records. Billing clients on time, receiving payments for goods, meeting payroll, handling commission checks for the sales force, and filing taxes quickly and accurately can keep your company running smoothly. But saying it and doing it are two different things!

Accounting and financial management for a manufacturing company can be daunting, especially if you are just starting out, or if you want to grow your business companies. Trying to do all of it yourself is surely going to cause stress, and may result in some serious errors. Regardless of the size of your company, first hire a reputable accountant, who has experience in the manufacturing business, to help ease the burden and to keep you compliant with local, state and federal laws.

In addition to helping you keep your cash flowing, an accountant will know what records to keep, how long to keep them, and what is needed to be compliant with the IRS when it comes tax time. An accountant can also be helpful for helping you identify an appropriate manufacturing accounting solution that will work for you. They will know what features are needed to handle all your finance issues.

popular software and apps icon

Popular software and apps

There are so many accounting packages on the market today, that finding one to meet your needs can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are resources and experts to help guide you to the package that is right for you. Work with your IT consultant to help you find one that targets small businesses, and is flexible enough to handle the unique needs of a manufacturing business. PC Magazine did some of the work for you and reviewed many of the most popular accounting software products on the market.

Many of these software packages manage all aspects of your financials, so when considering how to handle receipts, inventory, taxes, etc., make sure to look closely at an accounting package.


Top Field Service Industry Accounting Software


Monthly pricing structure to meet your needs.

Track expenses
Be tax ready
Create custom invoices
Receive customer payments
Run payroll, and more


Purchase software with option for add-ons such as credit card processing.

Run and report on all aspects of your business
Sales and Invoicing
Time billing, and more
Mobile access


Free software with pay-as-you-go services.

All-in-one accounting
Payments & receipt management
Mobile Access


receipts icon


A big part of accounting for manufacturing companies involves proper management of receipts. Managing the proper receipts for your tax purposes is also important. This can include receipts of products shipped, receipts for contract work performed for others, installation and repair, sales of scrap, and sales of products bought and resold without further processing. "FOB" receipts, whether the buyer or seller, may also be required.

Of course, keeping track of all these paper receipts could be an accounting nightmare! That does not need to be the case if you use the GoCanvas App Store that has a large collection of apps developed specifically for manufacturing companies and the manufacturing industry. Go paperless by managing shipments and purchases using a smartphone, iPad or other electronic tablet, and storing all the information securely on the GoCanvas cloud. Have it at the ready and accessible right in your pocket!

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Cost Tracking

If you want to be profitable, it is important that you closely track all your costs. In the manufacturing industry, costs of materials, labor, or cost of goods sold, and corporate overhead can all drive your bottom line. Don't get complacent with your expenses by doing the same thing all the time - make sure you can make adjustments if your costs start to climb. To keep an eye on expenses, you'll want to be tracking your costs daily via an app designed just for manufacturing.

GoCanvas can help do that by allowing you to customize an app with costs that are important to you. Whether looking at employee wages, raw materials, compliance/regulation costs, shipping costs or poor quality costs, being able to access all things associated to them right on your mobile phone or electronic tablet anytime, anywhere will help you manage the business better, ultimately improving your bottom line.

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Manufacturing requests must be managed and tracked closely to ensure your company is meeting the requirements for production, or to make sure the contract manufacturer you selected is meeting your requirements. Tracking inventory, production costs, delivery lead time, and schedule can best be handled online.

Or perhaps you have a repair request, or compliance request, or a request for quote -- there any number of types of requests that may come through your manufacturing office every day. Regardless of the request, you can be assured that GoCanvas has an app to make your job easier.

GoCanvas apps allow you to safely and securely track and access all the information needed to closely monitor progress on your requests. When issues arise, you can react immediately to make adjustments or take appropriate action to keep things moving.

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Human Resources

Many managers and manufacturing business owners point to productivity as the key to a successful business. Those same people know that employees are the means to making their productivity goals. Hiring, training, and retaining good employees is just one aspect of all the intricacies of Human Resources in the manufacturing industry. Other unique manufacturing considerations include managing union memberships and shift work. HR considerations also include providing your employees with reasonable work hours, a safe work environment, and a supportive management team.

In addition to hiring an HR consultant who is familiar with the manufacturing work environment, and can help manage employee complaints, and OSHA issues, it is critical to invest in the right software solutions and technology to make all your HR tasks easy, accessible and secure. The right HR software and mobile apps can be invaluable.

Provide access for your staff and managers to help control timetracking, employee evaluations, employee certifications and skills, incident reports, and payroll to make life easier and to ensure compliance to the many local, state and federal regulations and requirements.

popular software apps icon

Popular Software and Forms

Make sure your staff has access to either a desktop or mobile device, so that they can quickly, and securely, record and access key HR information to ensure you and your team are all on the same page. Whether conducting an employee evaluation, managing an employee issue, or negotiating an onsite certification program you will quickly become reliant on your mobile apps and will let those file cabinets gather dust.

When determining the right software for your business make sure you find a solution that is designed for the manufacturing industry, but allows you the flexibility to customize it to meet your company's and your employees' needs. Whatever your specialty - food processing, parts manufacturing, or tee-shirt manufacturing - your software should work for you and help keep your employees productive and accountable.


Top Manufacturing Industry HR Software



Monthly or annual subscription pricing per user-from 1 to 1,000+.

Centralized employee database, Onboarding /applicant tracking, Employee training, Performance evaluations/appraisals, Payroll integration, Time and attendance, and more.


Monthly pricing structure to meet your needs.

Centralized employee data, Time and attendance, Performance review, Recruitment/retention, Custom forms, Mobile access


Monthly subscription based on features and per user.

Payroll, Timetracking, Leave management, Health benefits, Recruitment; syncs with QuickBooks, and others


Subscription, cloud/mobile deployment

Employee search and acquisition, Onboarding, Training, Retention and more.


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When you are ramping up production, looking for a new supervisor or trying to find that FDA subject matter expert, you want an employee application process that is thorough and efficient. You will quickly find out that applicants want to apply directly online and follow their application process. Build a digital application that gets you all the key information on your applicants that you need.

Check for certifications, experience, education, etc. while making sure you follow EEO requirements and other required hiring practices. Using GoCanvas manufacturing application mobile apps you can help you build a hiring application that meets your needs and gives you the ability to screen first, saving you valuable time and resources.

All applicant information is stored securely to ensure it is only accessed by those with appropriate security rights, but allows you to pass applicant information along to the hiring managers at interview time.

certifications icon


There are a multitude of certifications that could be required for your employees - and helping your team get certified is one way to boost their morale, and possibly productivity, while also helping keep you competitive. Managers have the responsibility of balancing the skillset of their employees with the job requirements and bu dget to provide a quality, safe product while being compliant.

Keeping track of all the certifications your employees have and need can be challenging. Through the use of GoCanvas, and a good HR software package, you can easily keep track of your employees certifications, goals and strengths to help build a team that drives your business.

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OSHA, CPSC and the FDA have set manufacturing, safety, and emergency action standards - among others. In addition, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards and other workplace and product standards must be followed and drive nearly every aspect of the manufacturing business. Staying compliant can make or break a business. But keeping up with the latest standards and regulations can also be nerve-racking.

Don't spend your day shuffling through manuals and calling coworkers and helplines to find the latest requirements - rely on technology to help you stay current and compliant.

With GoCanvas you can access apps with tools and checklists that have built-in standard information. For example, the GoCanvas Basic Rules of GMP Mobile App is a QA tool that allows you to run through simple GMP regulations in the workplace and enter suggestions for achieving GMP compliance.

It is time to go paperless and let technology do your work for you!

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Surveying clients and employees is one of the best ways to find out how your company is doing. Whether you want to know if you are meeting the needs of the marketplace, your clients or your workers, conducting a survey can help. But, they generate a lot of data, and if you want to be responsive and use the surveys as a way to improve, you want easy access.

The days of blackening in the ovals with a pencil are gone, and GoCanvas can help you build an electronic survey to meet your needs. Customize a basic survey with open-ended questions, checkboxes or dropdown selections as well as adding fields for comments. The surveys are saved securely on the cloud where they can be accessed from any connected device and reviewed by management.

notices icon


A supervisor or manager who is responsible for keeping production moving on the line, needs to ensure the individual employees are productive as well, and that they can follow corporate orders. If not, that may require sending a disciplinary notice to the employee and copying it to the personnel file. When an app is used to manage this, files can be updated simultaneously and all appropriate management will be alerted when the notice is executed.

Other types of notices include shortage notices, process expansions, other HR forms, and more. . All of this highly sensitive information will be safely stored on your company's GoCanvas account in the Cloud.


Safety Software

OSHA has a mission to reduce or eliminate workplace hazards, and they also keep track of every incident across the U.S. As a manufacturing business owner, any safety issue can result in money out of your pocket, including days away from work by the injured employee, workers' compensation payment, legal fees, equipment upgrades, etc. Needless to say, staying abreast of safety requirements is critical to ensuring a safe, productive work environment. A good safety and health track record can add value to your business by bringing in customers and skilled employees.

For manufacturers, though, safety measures must also be put in place to assure the end result is safe for consumers - whether it be a food item tested by the FDA, a consumer product tested by the CPSC, or other requirements - compliance must be top-of-mind.

Evaluate your workplace operations, establish proper job procedures, and give workers the training and tools they need to stay safe and to keep others safe. GoCanvas apps can help you do this with tools designed specifically with workplace safety requirements. Using technology to collect and disseminate information such as inspection forms, safety checklists, equipment maintenance forms, unsafe job condition reports and incident reports gives you and your employees immediate access and reporting capabilities from the field or a desk.

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Popular Software and Apps

Many manufacturing business owners and their employees must comply with OSHA, FDA, CPSC and other local and state safety requirements. Whether you have food or product manufacturing lines, proper documentation is critical for protecting your staff and your company in the case of an incident or inspection. Before beginning any manufacturing project, make sure you are aware of the safety regulations and food standards issued by the government.

Get the appropriate safety protocol information into the hands of your engineers, line supervisors and management when they need it - not after an issue arises. When all the forms are available digitally, production will go much more smoothly. GoCanvas can help you conform through its vast library of mobile apps designed specifically for manufacturing companies. When it comes time to establish proper safety protocols, GoCanvas apps can help you and your team stay in line with OSHA standards so your safety inspections are not events that bring you stress and penalties.

safety inspection icon

Safety Inspections

It may seem like there is a constant stream of inspectors at your manufacturing facility. Remember that all of them have a goal to keep your employees and your consumers safe. When your production line and products pass inspection, you can also count on happy clients and a predictable supply of work.

One of the best ways to be prepared for any safety inspection, in addition to attending OSHA, CPSC and FDA training, is to download safety inspection checklists from mobile apps (GoCanvas has a variety of them) and conduct periodic audits yourself so you can correct any hazards before they cause injury - or you are penalized by government regulators.

Inspections require access to lots and lots of documentation about your employees, business, production, processing procedures, etc. To avoid misplaced documentation and multiple calls back to the office to find the last food temperature audit improve your efficiency by having all documents at the ready and accessible on the GoCanvas Cloud.

Resources / Links:

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Even with the best of intentions and strict adherence to safety protocol, accidents are bound to happen. Incidents in the manufacturing industry can range from near misses, to severe injuries, to fatalities. They can also impact either employees or consumers. When something goes wrong, inhouse, local and government inspectors are going to come to your facility to help you assess the situation and to gather as much information as they can to close the investigation. The outcome could result in fines, legal cases, required changes to processes, and/or worker's compensation claims. Regardless of the outcome, you can be sure keeping track of all the information will be vital.

During the process investigators will need documentation about your employees, business, job site, permits, compliance, training and much more. If you have implemented GoCanvas apps, not only will you avoid growing piles of paperwork, but you can more easily respond to any audit or incident investigation quickly and confidently. If you have not used GoCanvas, just one incident will be the catalyst to do so!

When your information is stored safely and securely through GoCanvas, you can better protect your business and your employees.

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We know there is always something new and improved that will come along to make your life easier, and we design our apps with that in mind. We also want to offer useful information on this page to help small business owners and small manufacturers succeed, including information about best business practices and the best software package.

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