What is the PDF Designer?

The PDF Designer is our newest tool to allow you to further customize your data. Whereas the Canvas App Builder allows you to edit how you capture data, the Canvas PDF Designer gives you control over the appearance of your data.

To learn more about the PDF Designer, watch this video.


You can launch the PDF Designer by going to your My Apps page and clicking the new, blue “Edit PDF” icon. Go from the standard design to your custom design!

PDF Designer Edit

The PDF Designer is a drag-and-drop tool where you can place the fields in your app in the exact location that you want them to be located in the output. The standard Canvas generated PDF created a simple output with labels on one side and responses on the other.  Now you can have multiple columns, change the size of your text, add images, enlarge your logo, align your text, and even more!

Canvas Generated PDF


To learn how to use the PDF Designer in more detail, please visit this Help topic.

If you have any questions about the PDF Designer, Canvas, or need help replacing paper-based forms with an Android or Apple device, please don't hesitate to contact us.