What is Department Functionality

Department Functionality allows you to separate Canvas Apps, Submission data, and users inside a single Canvas account.  This is typically for larger organizations that need to manage lots of Canvas Apps and users.  

For example, if you have a Sales team at your company, a Service team, and a Quality team then you can create a Department for each inside Canvas.  Now you can structure Canvas just like your organization so everyone only has access to what they should have access to.

  • Canvas Apps - Each Department can have their own Canvas Apps that only they can have access to.  However, a Canvas App created by one Department can be shared with another Department, too.  Only the Department that created and shared the Canvas App has the ability to edit it.  
  • Submission Data - Each Department can only access Submission data for Canvas Apps within their own Department. 
  • Canvas Users - Your users can have access to more than one Department.  And they can also have different roles (access privileges) within those Departments.  For example, you could give your employee an "Admin" role in one Department and a "User" role in another.  Learn more about the different roles available when Department Functionality is enabled.
  • Groups - Each Department can have their own Groups to organize their users and assigned Canvas Apps.
  • Reference Data - Each Department can manage their own Reference Data for the Canvas Apps that they build and manage.
  • Reference Images - Each Department can manage their own Reference Images for the Canvas Apps that they build and manage.

Department Functionality allows organizations to give their teams the freedom to create the Canvas Apps they need without other teams being able to edit them or view their Submissions.  Instead of everyone having access to everything, now each team can have a streamlined view of Canvas when logging into the Canvas website.

Learn how to configure Departments with this Help topic.