What is Canvas?

Canvas is a powerful platform that gives you the tools to replace paper-based forms and processes with customizable mobile apps for your smartphones and tablets. Watch the video for an overview! 


1. Customize

With our powerful App Builder you can build and edit anytime your own Canvas Apps (mobile forms) to replace your paper forms (Work Orders, Invoices, Inspections, Time Sheets, etc.).

If you need to share the data via a PDF document, you can also use our PDF Designer to create an engaging document that reflects your brand and your company with your logo, colors, and design.  

2. Collect

Once you have customized your Canvas App you can assign it to employees at your company to fill out anywhere via their smartphones and tablets. 

3. Share

Data can be shared immediately with your customers, colleagues, partners or all of the above!

  • Canvas Website - All data is stored and searchable via our website to those you grant permission to.
  • PDF - Each Canvas App that is filled out can be sent to someone else via email as a PDF.
  • CSV - All data collected can be exported in a CSV file so it can be analyzed.
  • Webservices - Connect your own systems to Canvas and automatically put the data where you need it.
  • Integrations - We have integrations with Box, DropBox, Google Drive, Evernote, and Salesforce that allow you to put the data into those cloud-based services.

4. Learn

Electronic data can be analyzed with tools like Excel (Ask about our Canvas Business Insights product for Excel), Tableau, Domo, Birst and many others. Canvas will serve up the data in a format that allows you to learn more about your business than ever before.

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