How to use Workflow

Workflow allows you to collaborate on a single submission with multiple users. This can be used to pass a submission to another user for approval before it is submitted.

Follow the instructions below, or watch our video tutorial instead

Enabling Workflow 

Follow the steps below to enable Workflow:

  1. Navigate to My Apps.
  2. Click on the name of the app you wish to enable Workflow for.
  3. Under Features: click Workflow.
  4. Then check 'Enable Workflow' box.

Workflow Options

Next, you'll be shown the options for workflow. Here's a list of them and their meanings:

  • Which user ‘owns’ the submission. - This will determine which user appears in the Submissions as the submitter. 

Original Submitter - This is the user that completes the first handoff in the work flow.
Final Submitter - This is the user that completes the final handoff in the workflow causing the workflow to go to a completed status.
The submitter of the handoff - This is the user that completes a handoff you specify.

  • Handoff name - This is the description for this "step" in the work flow. It's used for the "status" that is displayed in the Workflow Manager. You'll see it when this step is complete but the whole workflow hasn't been completed.
  • Handoff will occur after screen - Here you choose the screen that signals the handoff.  After filling out the screen you choose,  the user will be shown the handoff screen to send it to the next person. 

    This can be any screen in the app.
  • Next user can edit existing data - This allows the next user to be able to edit the screens already filled out by the initial user. If it's not checked then the data already filled out will be read only.
  • Next user has the option to reject - This gives the user recieving the handoff the ability to reject a submission. They can also write a note along with it to return to the sender. 
  • User can handoff to - This is a set of options user(s) can hand off a submission to:

Email list - This a list of users made by you on the Workflow options screen.
Email field - This can either be a Text or Value List field that holds emails. Workflow will pull the email from this field for the handoff.

  • Next user begins at - Here you can choose whether the user recieving the handoff will start at the beginning of the app or at the screen where the handoff occurs.

You can add more handoffs for the app by clicking Add Handoff at the bottom of the screen. A new Handoff will appear and you will fill out the handoff options for this one as well. 

Using Workflow

User sending the workflow

After filling out the screens before the handoff screen the user sending the workflow will come to a screen that looks like this:

All the user has to do is choose an email to send the handoff to and then hit Done.

Until the other user recieves the submission, the app will say there are submissions to be sent.

Note: The images you've taken for the app will be handed off to the next user with the rest of the data.

User receiving the workflow

To recieve your workflows, follow these steps:

  1. Synchronize/refresh the mobile Canvas App. 
  2. Click here to find out how to do that. Once refreshed, the apps that have workflows to be finished will have a symbol beside them like the one below.
  3. Click on the app you wish to fill the workflow out for. 
  4. Select the workflow you want to conitnue. 

From there you can review or finish the submission how you would like.

If you are given the option to reject a submission the option will appear once you have the submission opened under the menu. Click the menu button and hit Reject. You will have the choice of writing a reason or comment and then you hit Reject again in the bottom right of the screen. The submission will be sent back to the user you sent it to.

In summary, to enable workflow:

  • Go to the app of your choice and scoll down to the features.
  • Click Workflow and check enable.
  • You will now be able to set up your workflow with who will appear as the submitter, how many handoffs you would like in the workflow, and the settings for each handoff. 

Once you've setup workflow, you can use it in the Canvas mobile app. The first user of the workflow can open the app and fill it out as they normally would. They will come to a screen at the specified spot prompting them to choose a user to handoff the app to.

The user recieving the handoff will have to refresh the Canvas app to get the workflow. From there they can open the app with the workflow symbol and see the submissions they have to finish and review. After they are done with their step they can send it onto to the next step, whether that be another handoff or submitting it to the servers.

If a user is given a choice to reject a handoff they will be able to see thar choice in the menu once they have selected the submission. 

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