How to use Dispatch

Dispatch allows you to pre-populate Canvas apps and then assign them to any users in your account. This is a great way to assign jobs to your mobile workers so they know:

  • where to go
  • who to talk to when they get there
  • what needs to be done.  

Jobs can be dispatched via our website or in bulk by uploading a CSV file. You can also use WebServices to push dispatches automatically to Canvas from your own system.

Dispatch is only available on Android, Apple (iPhone/iPad), and the Windows desktop.

Enable Dispatch

To get started, you need to enable it on your apps.

  1. Go to My Apps 
  2. Choose the Quick Links icon of the app you want to use Dispatch and select More.
  3. Scroll down to Features and select Dispatch.Dispatch - Step 1
  4. Check the box and push Save to enable Dispatch.Dispatch - Step 3

Now you can use Dispatch for this app.


How to Dispatch Individual Jobs 

1. Click Dispatch under the My Home tab.

Create Dispatch - Web Interface - Step 1

2. Now you are in the Dispatch Manager page. Push Create Dispatch.Create Dispatch - Web Interface - Step 2

3. Choose the app you wish to create a dispatch for. Create Dispatch - Web Interface - Step 3

4. Fill out these fields before sending:

  • Select App - While already chosen, you can change it now if you like.  
  • Item Description - This is the name of the dispatch you are creating. Think of it as a filename.  They will appear in alphabetical order on the device.
  • Assign Item to - This is the user that you are assigning this dispatch to.  If you need help adding users to Canvas, please click here.Create Dispatch - Web Interface - Step 4

5. Enter the data that you want to send out to your remote worker.  Hit Save at the bottom when finished. Create Dispatch - Web Interface - Step 5

6. Click Dispatch Manager to see the dispatch you assigned.Create Dispatch - Web Interface - Step 6

You have now assigned a dispatch out to your mobile worker!


How to Create Dispatches in Bulk

Here's how to send same dispatch to multiple workers.

1. Go to Dispatch Manager page

2. Click on Sample Dispatch File. Canvas will create a CSV file for you that contains the fields (as columns) you need to assign dispatches in bulk.Create Dispatch - Bulk - Step 1

3. On the Dispatch Samples page you will see a list of all of your Canvas apps that have Dispatch enabled. Each will have a download sample link next to it.  Click on the sample next to the app you need.Create Dispatch - Bulk - Step 2

4. A CSV file will be downloaded to your computer. Open it in Excel. The first 3 columns represent the 3 fields you must complete in order to assign a dispatch to a user. 

  • App Name - It will auto-populate the app name in the second row based on the sample you downloaded.  Drag that value down to populate more rows.  

    Note: You can dispatch to multiple apps in a single file.  Make sure your app name is accurate.
  • Description - This is the name of the dispatch that will show up in the Dispatch Manager and on the user's mobile device.  They appear alphabetically on the mobile device. 
  • User email - This is the email address of the mobile worker you want to assign the dispatch to.  

    Note: You must add users to your account if you intend to assign dispatches to your mobile workers.  Sample Dispatch File

5. Save the file.  It must be a CSV. Click Upload Dispatch File on either the Sample Dispatch Files page or the Dispatch Manager.  Create Dispatch - Bulk - Step 4

6. Push Choose File and select the file from your hard drive. 

7. Push Save button to upload. 

That's it!  Your dispatches will then appear in the Dispatch Manager.


Dispatch on the Mobile Device

Once you have created dispatches and assigned them to users, the information is available on their mobile device. 

1. The user will need to Synchronize their device to receive the dispatch. 

The message below will appear when a dispatch (or multiple dispatches) is received by the mobile user.  You will also see a round, purple icon next to the app.

Dispatch - Mobile Device - Step 1

2. Click on the app with the dispatch assigned and see a list of dispatches available to the remote user.  The dispatches will be named by Item Description.  Dispatches will show up on this list alphabetically.  The user simply clicks on the dispatch to see the pre-populated data.

Note: at the bottom of the screen the user can select New if they need to fill out this app for another job not related to the dispatch.

Dispatch - Mobile Device - Step 2

3.  After viewing the prepopulated fields, hit Next to fill out the app like usualDispatch - Mobile Device - Step 3

Tracking the Dispatch & Viewing your Data

The status of your Dispatch will change in the Dispatch Manager as the user fills out the app.  This allows admins to see where your mobile worker is in the process of completing this job. 

Below are the different statuses you may see.

Dispatch Received - When your user downloads the dispatch to their device.

Dispatch Completed - When the disptach is complete. Next to it, there is a blue icon that will link you to the Submissions area  to view the data from your mobile user.

View Submission - This link takes you into the submission that you dispatched.  You can view the data on screen or you can push PDF to generate the same PDF that is emailed when you email submissions.


Dispatch Video

Prefer a video? This will walk you through everything from enabling Dispatch all the way through uploading dispatches in bulk via a CSV file.


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