How to download or export submitted data from Canvas

A Submission is the result of filling out a Canvas app on a mobile device. To view, print, download or export your submissions, log onto the Canvas website at and click the Submissions tab to view your list of submissions.

The Submissions list will list the Apps with submissions, the number of submissions and the date and time of the last submission.  On the submissions list screen, you will also have the ability to export your submitted data as a Comma Seperated Values (CSV) file which can be opened with Excel in a spreadsheet view.

Submission Export

Clicking on the app name will list the individual submissions for that App. This list will display the following information about each individual submission:

  • Submission Date and Time
  • Submitter
  • Submission ID
  • App Name

This list will also give you the ability to print the submission, view it online or download it as a PDF.

Screenshot of Submission List

Canvas submission list

Export as CSV File

You can also export all of your Submissions. The Export link is to the right of each app name on the main Submissions page. When you click Export you then get the following screen:

You will need to choose a date range to export submissions. Once you choose a valid date range you might be asked to choose a version. Through our web interface you can only export submissions one version at a time. Since Canvas apps can be changed dramatically, we limit you to exporting by version so you get the same set of data.

If you want to pull submissions out across versions then you can use our API or you can use Canvas Business Insights, which is a plug-in for Microsoft Excel. You can download submissions across versions, upload Reference Data, and upload Dispatches with this tool. Learn more.

To learn more about the Device ID, see our Help topic here.

In addition to viewing submissions online or downloading them into a CSV file, all of the data hosted by Canvas can also be accessed via the Canvas Webservices API.  To see the How-To article on how to use Canvas webservices, click here.

When manually exporting data via CSV there is a 10,000 submission limit.  You can adjust the date range to pull down blocks of 10,000 submissions. You can also use our API or Canvas Business Insights to pull down more than 10,000.

If you have any questions on how to access submitted data or need help replacing paper based forms with an iOS or Android device, please don't hesitate to contact us.