How to customize the Canvas Generated PDF

NOTE: This article refers to the Standard PDF.  If you are looking to customize the PDF using the PDF Designer, please click here.

Data submitted using Canvas can be converted into a PDF (see how to download the PDF, please see our FAQ here).

If you want your PDF to look exactly like your current paper form then we have a service to do that.  Please contact us and one of our Mobile App Consultants can help you with this.  Otherwise the standard Canvas PDF can be customized right online.

Customizing PDF Header

The header text of the generated PDF can be customized.  Here's how:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click My Account under My Home.
    Customizing Canvas PDF
  3. Click on Customize.
    My Account - Customize
  4. Next to Custom Print Header click Edit.
  5. Type in what you wish to have for a header and click Save.

Customizing Account Logo

You can customize the logo that appears in the generated PDF and submissions seen on a browser. This can also be done in the My Account area under Customize.

Follow these steps:

  1. Login to Canvas.
  2. Click on My Home.
  3. Click My Account in the blue navigation bar.
  4. Choose Edit by Custom Account Logo.

Customizing Individual Apps

Want a different logo or header on each of your Canvas Apps? Or change the font? Follow these steps:

  1. Go to My Home.
  2. Click on My Apps.
  3. Click The Quick Link icon and then More next to the app you want to customize for. 
  4. Choose PDF Options. You can customize your Header and Logo for each individual App if you want!  

Note: Whatever you customize in the More menu will override whatever you do in the Customize section of My Account.

Customizing PDF Data

You can include or hide the data submitted by Canvas users from their mobile devices  in the PDF.  To set these options, follow these steps:

  1. Go to My Home.
  2. Click on My Apps.
  3. Click Edit next to the app you want to use this on.
  4. Go to the advanced options for the field you want to show or hide.
    Go to the settings for the screen you want to show or hide.

Below is a screenshot of what the advanced options look like.

PDF Data Options 

The specific options dictating when data is visible are:

  • Always - this field will always be displayed on the PDF
  • Never - this field will never be displayed on the PDF
  • If value present (value is not blank) - this field will be displayed on the PDF  if the user entered a value for it
  • If value changed (value is not default) - this field will be displayed on the PDF if the user changed it from the default value - 
  • If value present and value changed - this field will be displayed in the PDF if the user changed it and it is not blank .
  • Web-Specified Emails Only - The field will only show up on the PDF sent to addresses specified on the website in the Email Options area.  Here is a HELP topic on how to specify email addresses that your PDFs will always be sent to each time someone fills one out. 

There is another HELP topic available for hiding fields on your PDF that show up in your App.  Click here!

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