How do I pay for Canvas

When you sign-up for Canvas, you get 30 days free to try Canvas out. To continue to using Canvas, you'll need to get a paid plan so you can continue using Canvas.

How to sign up for a paid plan

Billing information and user settings can be found on the My Account page. To access your billing information and user settings, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Canvas at
  2. Place your mouse over My Home. (You must be logged in to get to My Home.  Make sure you see your username (email address) in the upper right hand corner.  That tells you that you are logged in.)
  3. Choose My Account.  
  4. At the bottom of the screen is the list of users associated with your Canvas account. To select a Canvas plan and pay for Canvas, click Select next to your user account under Plan. 

Now you will be walked through a series of steps to enter payment information and choose a payment plan. 

If you are the admin, put yourself on a payment plan first. After that, you can change the plan for each user you have added to your account by going through the same steps as above. Anytime you add a new user you will be asked to put them on a specific payment plan. 

Canvas pricing and plan information

To learn more about how Canvas is priced and what plans are available, please see our help topic - Canvas Pricing FAQs  

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