How Much Can I Save by Using Canvas? (ROI)

Canvas saves money for our subscribers in many key areas.  From paper and ink, to time wasted with data entry, customers love our product because it helps them get back to work.  We can help you calculate those savings for you via our Canvas ROI Tool. Below is an overview of different ways you could save. 

Immediate Savings

From the get go, our customers see immediate results! These include:

  • Cutting the cost of the paper.
  • Eradicating the need to re-enter data collected and transcribed from paper based forms into back office systems. Canvas saves businesses not only money but time.
  • Increasing mobile workers productivity. No longer do they have to look up items in price books, parts catalogs etc.. All the information rests in the palm of their hands via Canvas.   

Long Term Savings

Long term savings are more subtle and can be harder to quantify. Still, these areas are still important and can add tremendous value. Canvas helps long term savings by:

  • Collecting more data than ever before. Your smartphone has great tools: capturing GPS, camera, voice transcription. Canvas harnesses these to  expand your data. Are you a plumber? Add before and after photos to your invoice. Are you great at networking but terrible at remembering names? Take a photo to add to the entry. Expand your data, and watch your business go further. 
  • Reducing transcription errors due to transcribing paper forms.  Paper forms contain handwritten entries, often hard to read. Reduces confusion and errors with typed entries. Imagine reducing errors in billing, parts delivered, inventory quantities, and customer information. Eliminating these errors will save you time, money, and strengthening your customer relations.
  • Eliminating the information delay between the field and the back office.  For instance, inspectors can spend more time in the field rather than in the office typing up reports. Another company is able to send estimates immediately after meeting the client, rather than hours later typing up their notes and calculations.
  • Improving social responsibility by going more green. Removing the paper, saves thousands of trees. It's an initiative we can all be proud of. 
  • Making available catalogs, pricelists, or medical records available for the field. In paper form, this data can be cumbersome, and hard to update. With Canvas, it's easy to update and immediately available!

Canvas has helped businesses of all shapes and sizes change the way they use data and get back to work. Start saving time and money: sign up for Canvas today!

Note: Already signed up? Check out our ROI Calculator here.

In summary, using Canvas will immediately show savings by cutting cost of paper and ink. Additionally, it will save the time you take re-entering data after and the time mobile workers take looking items up in price books or catalogs. Canvas will also save you long term by allowing you to collect more data, reducing transcription errors, eliminating the delay for data between the field and the office, removing the paper and saving trees, and making catalogs, pricelists, and other records available for the field. 

If you have any questions about Canvas or need help replacing paper based forms with an Android or Apple device, please don't hesitate to contact us.