Are the Canvas Apps that I Create Made Available or Shared with Other Canvas Customers?

The short answer is, no, unless you give us permission.

The long answer is, it depends on how you make your app.

If you build your own from scratch, there is no process to automatically share your apps in our Application Store.  Sometimes if we see something really unique, then we might ask you if we can share it, but you are welcome to say no.  We understand how much work goes into creating these forms. You are under no obligation to share them with other Canvas customers.

For those who download an app from our Application Store then a copy of that app is in your account.  Whatever changes you make to your copy, they remain only in your account.  You are not editing the App that is in the Application Store at all.  You are editing a copy of it. That remains yours and yours alone.

If you take advantage of our Send Us Your Form (SUYF) program then we give the option to share your app in our Application Store. Don't want to share? Uncheck the box  asking you to share it on our SUYF form.  Even if you do allow us to share it, we may not.  Our Application Store team reviews all the forms that come in.  If we already have something similar to your app, then we will not put it in the Application Store.  We try to provide as many unique apps as possible. 

Accidentally left the box checked? Contact us at and we'll change your request and pull it down from the Application Store right away.

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If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Thank you!