Save Thousands of Dollars This Year:

The Definitive Guide to Eliminating Construction Paper Forms


In the construction industry, there are a lot of factors you can’t control, such as the cost of raw materials or the weather conditions at a site. But if you’re struggling with paper forms getting lost, damaged, or destroyed, then there’s a solution at your fingertips: mobile apps.

The paper system of time cards, safety inspections, and project reports could be slowing down your processes. How? It’s easy to make errors, miss fields, or lose information entirely on paper. Employees also spend extra time with redundant data entry. Tracking labor or equipment costs suddenly becomes difficult. Returning information from the field can take hours or days. You may not know what’s going on at job sites until days later. Worse, paper-based systems could be costing your firm thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours over the long run.


Chapter 1