Set Up

The first thing you’ll do is sign up for an account and download our mobile app.

Free Trial Sign Up

Try GoCanvas out for free — No cost, no obligation.

1. Click ‘Try It Free.’

2. Check your email to validate your account.

Note: Your username and password are the same for the website and mobile app.

Install GoCanvas

1. On your mobile device, visit or search for GoCanvas in the App Store or Google Play store.

2. Download from the recommended link provided.

Fill out your App

Collecting data with GoCanvas Apps is a cinch

1. On your Mobile Device, log in and click your newly downloaded app.

2. Proceed through each screen of the App, filling out the fields until you reach the Email screen.

3. Press “Add” to email a pdf copy of your data to yourself, Click “Done” and then “Yes” to upload your submission.

4. On your computer, double check you’re on the ‘My Home’ screen.

5. Click ‘Submissions’

6. Click the name of the app you just filled out.