Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is GoCanvas?

GoCanvas is a mobile platform that allows you to create and customize your own mobile forms, called “GoCanvas Apps,” that can be filled out on smartphones and tablets. It’s that simple.

2) Why should I use GoCanvas?

To save a boatload of time, first of all! How much time does your business spend trying to read paper forms, waiting for paper forms to get back to the office, or looking for lost paper forms? Can you learn anything about your business by sifting through a filing cabinet filled with paper forms?

Collecting data instantly from the field in an electronic format will streamline your business dramatically and allow you to analyze it to identify trends and insight.

Second of all, it can improve your cashflow. By getting your forms transmitted right away, you are able to order parts sooner, complete jobs sooner, and invoice sooner. You can even use our PayPal integration to collect payment right on the spot.

3) How much does it cost?

That depends on the plan that you choose, but each person using GoCanvas at your business will need a license. GoCanvas customers typically see a return on investment within 3-6 months (but we’ve definitely seen it quicker than that). We have customers saving hundreds of thousands of dollars each year thanks to GoCanvas.

4) What kind of data can I collect with GoCanvas Apps?

All of the usual kind of fields are available to you. Text Box fields, Date and Time fields, Multiple Choice fields and other standards are all there. But you can also collect signatures, take photos, capture GPS coordinates, do drawings, or draw on a picture you have taken. You will use our powerful App Builder to create and customize your GoCanvas Apps.

5) What happens to the data I collect after GoCanvas Apps are filled out?

All of the data is uploaded and stored in “the cloud”, which is the GoCanvas website. You can search and view all of your data from our site. You can export all of your data as a CSV file from the website, too. This allows you to dump it into Microsoft Excel or another tool like Looker, Domo, Tableau or other business intelligence tools for analysis.

You can easily download a PDF from the GoCanvas site, too. So if your customer needs a copy, you can quickly email it directly from the GoCanvas website anytime in the future.

And finally you can email that PDF immediately after filling it out! So customers, colleagues and partners can get your filled out GoCanvas Apps right away. You can design beautiful PDFs with our drag and drop PDF Designer.

6) How many GoCanvas Apps can I create in my account?

As many as you want! No matter what plan you choose you can create as many GoCanvas Apps as you need. Our goal for you is to be 100% paperless when it comes to the forms you are filling out at your company.