man working on construction work order on tablet at construction site

15 Free Work Order Form Templates

By The GoCanvas Team on July 15, 2021


Work orders are widely used in many industries to request the performance of a task or job. The work order is most commonly generated to fulfill a customer request, but it can also be used internally within a company as part of a larger project.

The work order includes the details of the job to be performed and often will have a worker assigned or dispatched to complete the job in the field, on a job site, or in an office.

Work orders are used by many different types of industries and business types. Using the GoCanvas form builder, your business can create entirely digital work order forms that are custom to your business. All of this can be done with no-coding required, making GoCanvas an easy-to-use solution for all of your work order needs.


How GoCanvas works:

  • Create mobile work orders, forms and work process apps with no coding needed
  • Get information back in real-time, eliminate redundant data entry and automate your processes
  • Never miss another work order form, inspection or other crucial information due to problems with paperwork and outdated processes

Core features include:

  • App Builder. Easily create and edit your own GoCanvas Apps (mobile forms) with our online drag-and-drop App Builder tool.
  • PDF Designer. Once your team fills out a GoCanvas App a PDF can be generated and emailed. Customize this PDF to engage your customers and colleagues.
  • Image Capture. Whether you need photos for inspecting equipment, or tracking rhinos, do it with a click.
  • Signature Capture. Need to confirm a package or a sales order? Easily grab someone’s signature on your mobile device.
  • GPS Tracking. Know where your equipment or team members are at any moment with GPS capture.
  • Barcode Scanning. With one click, look up equipment or inventory.



15 Free Work Order Form Templates and Examples

This article summarizes our most widely used work order form templates that you can get started with for free. If you don’t see an app listed here, simply search the GoCanvas website where we also have thousands of additional form templates available.


1. Construction Work Order Form

Man and woman working on tablet on construction site for estimates


The construction work order form is designed for construction companies and contractors to manage all of the work orders throughout a project. The form has fields to capture important contract details, including the scope of work, change orders, extra work authorization, materials and services requested, subcontractor fees, and hours worked.

The template can be customized to suit your business needs and can also be used as a subcontractor work order form. Construction companies use this digital work order form to sync up with the construction contract, helping to organize and store pertinent information for completing the requirements of those contracts. Collect signatures, share PDF reports, and more with this digital form for construction work orders.


2. Change Order Form

shaking hands after signing construction contract


The construction change order form is used when projects require a change to account for any additional work that is needed. Whether you have small changes to the construction project’s estimated costs or need to scope out the overhead costs for more substantial work, this template can quickly generate the form for you. Use this form in the field or at the client office’s so that you don’t fall behind on the construction contract.


3. Stop Work Order Form

construction worker filling out near miss reports on phone


The stop work order form is used in the construction industry to document when it is required to stop work due to a violation or incident. This form can be used to document items such as project name, project number, individual’s name of the letter, contractor, and subcontractors. It also captures relevant signatures and can be emailed as a PDF in real-time.


4. HVAC Service Work Order Form

HVAC worker on a mobile device


The HVAC service work order form is designed as a template to use for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) technicians to help cut down time spent on paperwork. Dispatch workers to the correct location, so contractors in the field can fill out the forms on a mobile device. Invoice reports can be automatically generated as a PDF sent via email to the customer to automate manual processes for your business.


5. Electrical Work Order Form

electrical worker fixing wires


The electrical work order form is designed for electrical contractors, electrical installation companies, and master electricians for work on all types of electrical systems. Instead of relying on paper invoices or electrical contracting software, the digital form provides a completely mobile way to manage all types of electrical services work. The mobile form automatically calculates charges for electrical equipment, electrical wiring and labor, and jobs can be assigned to different electrical contractors in the field using the Dispatch feature.


6. Maintenance Work Order Form

maintenance worker holding a ladder


The job work order form is a generic template that can be used for all types of maintenance and service requests. This digital job invoice template works for many types of jobs, including plumbing, HVAC services, and other types of maintenance work. Simply customize the app to fit your maintenance business requirements.


7. Mechanic Work Order Form


This mechanic work order form is ideal for repair shops and repair facilities of all sizes. Customers will appreciate the professionalism and simplicity of the digital app that is designed to streamline the work order and invoice process. The app allows you to quickly document vehicle information, detail the service request, list all parts, labor, shop supplies, and capture the customer authorization. All parts and labor (including sale tax) can be automatically calculated for you within the app.


8. Cleaning Work Order

cleaning cart with supplies


The residential cleaning work order form offers a simple way for professional housekeepers, independent cleaning services, and housekeeping agencies to manage daily or weekly cleaning jobs. The app can be used to track all the details of a housekeeping services visit, including the customer contact information and details about the services provided. The housekeeper invoice form app also tracks labor and materials hours and the hourly rate, calculating the total cost at the end of the visit.


9. Handyman Work Order Form

handyman tools including hammer and measuring tape


The handyman work order form provides a simple way to manage your handyman business. Use the app to track a variety of handyman services, including plumbing work, appliance repairs, yard maintenance, and more. Any contractor or handyman business owner can customize the app to suit their needs.

The app lets you generate a handyman invoice template based on the work order, with fields for hourly rate, work performed and other important details. Once the service call has been completed, the contractor can email the handyman invoice directly to customers for payment.


10. Graphic Design Work Order

woman working on an ipad


The graphic design work order form offers a simple way for print shops and graphic design teams to generate work orders electronically. The graphics work order form covers all the important details of the work order request, including facility service details about the job, customer contact details, turnaround time, order approval information, and more. Once competed, the form is automatically saved for your records.


11. Fleet Services Work Order

fleet managers on ipad inspecting vehicles


The fleet services work order form is perfect for fleet management professionals and helps make the day-to-day operations of a fleet easier. The app can improve preventive maintenance in a variety of ways, such as better equipment and item management, notifications when vehicle maintenance needs to be performed, field service task lists, and more.


12. Manufacturing Work Order

manufacturing line on a job site


The manufacturing work order form offers a simple way to track manufacturing production orders using a smartphone or tablet. The work order app can help track materials used, add details about the finished goods, and add notes about raw materials consumed during the process. Once the manufacturing process has been completed, you can enter notes about additional materials or equipment used and other work instructions and operations notes as needed. 


13. Landscaping Work Order Form


The landscaping work order form is perfect for landscape architects, landscape designers, professional landscapers, and others who provide professional landscaping services. Available on any smartphone, mobile device, or PC, this app will help you complete work order forms for your next landscaping project, especially those related to irrigation and landscape planning.


14. Painting Work Order Form 

painting contractor on a job site


The painting work order form is an easy-to-use tool for painting contractors and professional painting services. Track all customer details, capture basic painting services details, terms of service, and calculate the final costs. All types of painting businesses can benefit from this handy work order form app, which lets you quickly and easily generate new work orders for your painting services. The app automatically calculates tax, materials, and labor charges for painting invoice forms, eliminating the need for manual calculations. Additionally, the application also features Dispatch functionality, making it possible for scheduling managers to assign different jobs in the painting business to the right employee while in the field.


15. IT Work Order Form

worker looking at a laptop device


The IT work order form provides a basic work order template that computer maintenance and IT support desks can use to stay organized. This computer work order management app includes fields for customer name and location, details about the service request, equipment details, actions completed, and recommended maintenance. The service desk technician can add his or her own comments about the work request to the work order template and save the form for their records.