Windshield Repair Business Using Motorola Zoom Android Tablet and GoCanvas Mobile Apps

By Jason Good on February 3, 2012

windshield repair business using canvas mobile apps

GoCanvas serves small businesses all over the world.  They like the simplicity of being able to select from one of our hundreds of Business Apps in our Application Store or using our powerful App Builder to design their own mobile app.  Customized mobile apps are no longer something that only the very large businesses can afford.  Thanks to GoCanvas, small businesses everywhere can benefit from the power of the amazing mobile devices that are available today.  One of Canvas’s newest customers is a windshield repair company that serves as the perfect example of how GoCanvas can benefit the small and medium-sized business community.  Armed with a Motorola Zoom tablet and GoCanvas Mobile Apps, this windshield repairman is providing a better and more memorable level of service to his customers.

We all know what a small crack in our windshield can lead to.  A bigger crack.  And ultimately a new windshield.  Our new customer repairs these cracks to save their customers from having to get that new windshield so soon.  He is also now saving paper, time and future headaches by documenting his work electronically for himself and his customers. 

He is capturing all of the pertinent information about the vehicles including make, model, year and more.  The date and time of service along with all of the pricing for the services he provides is also included.  And he is capturing client signatures stating that they agree to the terms and the work that was done.  This document is then emailed to his clients who, I’m sure, appreciate an electronic document instead of a handwritten document that is difficult to read. 

Instead of a clipboard and a stack of paper, this Canvas customer now totes around a Motorola Zoom tablet loaded with GoCanvas.  Besides being a lot more efficient and client-friendly, this GoCanvas customer is also lookin’ a lot cooler if I say so myself!