Why You Should Consider GoCanvas for Cost Effective Business Apps for iPad

By abdullah pathan on December 6, 2013

In the 21st century, innovation is so fast that a product’s life-cycle seems to get slimmer and slimmer. But one thing doesn’t change: You control your business. No matter what, you are in control of how your business operates and choose what products you should use.  But with so many products out there already, which one is right for you?

It’s hard to navigate when life moves fast (source)

Does your work take you out and about? If so, you love tools for on the go. Business apps are a crucial tool to fill that gap. In fact, being able to work wherever and whenever is so important that over millions of individuals worldwide use it. For personal and commercial purposes alike, business apps help solve problems.

Sure, on a large scale that sounds great. But what about your business? How can apps benefit to your business? Here are a few reasons GoCanvas would help you out in your tablet:

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Trees haven’t agreed on the sentience of machine vs. mankind debate. So, paper can’t deliver a 10 mm pixel camera. By using your tablet, harness the great camera you already have to collect all the pictures you need. With Canvas’s app, the photos show up on your report.

This is a feature that goes a long way to save you time by attaching images simultaneously to the submission. You don’t need to re-route images, attach them to a email, paste them into a document, or any of that sort—it’s on your form, ready to go.

Sign, Sealed and Delivered

The last thing you ever want to do is lose a contract! Whether it’s from coffee, or a bad filing system, it can cost you more than an awkward phone call. A lost contract can mean major legal headaches for you, your partners, or your customers.

That shiny tablet on your desk could be the solution. I know, it seems sketchy. Can you actually sign a “real” contract, something that is binding or consequential…on a tablet? Thank God for encryptions! Using industry standard AES encryptions, all the data inputted or typed in is always secure in the server. No one can edit or view it without your administrative permission. Even better: it’s always safe in the cloud for easy access. GoCanvas will help keep you cool, composed, and organized.

Synergize Your Work

If having a camera is neat, wait til you see the other features it can offer to make your business all that much easier! Because of standard feature in tablets, orientation of the device can be either horizontal or vertical. GoCanvas adapted for this as well: you can see the form and rotate as if you were filling out a real paper form.

In addition, screen size, can’t be forgotten, how else would you see what’s on the tablet? Screens are intuitive to guide you as you fill out the form. With a great user interface and touch-screen capabilities, you can fill out the form quickly, with no waste of ink and tree life necessary.

There are more and more reasons to offer, but it up to you to finally decide why and how you can use a tablet for your unique experience! 

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