Why You Should Choose GoCanvas for Mobile Business Forms

By scott shea on December 8, 2013

If you’re in business, then chances are you are looking to become more productive while cutting costs. For many businesses, mobile business forms is a great way to do both (and ditch the paper cuts). Of course, we’re not the only company in the business of mobile business forms. So why go with us? Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Canvas. 

Apple, Android or Blackberry? Not a Problem!

No need to fight with GoCanvas! (source)

You are not constrained to one type of device with GoCanvas.  We work on smartphones, tablets, and PC’s.  We also work across platforms.  We support Apple, Android, Blackberry and will support the new Windows 8 devices by early 2014!

This flexibility gives your business options, and ways to save money. You don’t need to buy all new equipment with GoCanvas. Do your employees already own smartphones? With a BYOD policy, you don’t even have to invest in new equipment! At GoCanvas, we’re about making the transition as painless as possible. So we take the time and effort to make our product tailored to your needs.

11,000 Apps and Counting

Don’t want to build your own app? You don’t have to with GoCanvas. From HVAC to retail, we have apps that cross industry and form types. We have a wide range not only of customers, but also partners that create content to fit the guidelines of your industry such as OSHA or USDA food and safety. But we aren’t stopping there: we are planning on bringing you even more content in the future!

 What does that mean for you? GoCanvas gives you resources based on thousands of customers’ experiences. From that experience, we have tailored apps to fit your business’s needs: They’re waiting in our store right now. With just one click, they will be instantly downloaded and ready for you to use today.

Powerful Tools to Give You the Best Data

 Not only does GoCanvas help give you more accurate data, but also amazing options to expand your data in new and powerful ways. We’ve made it easy to capture GPS, photos, drawings, and signatures in your app. But GoCanvas can also do so much more: pre-populate forms for your workers in the field; calculations; and use your reference data inside your app! This is just the tip of the iceberg: as your data collection expands, GoCanvas adapts with you. You’ll be able to reach farther, and do even more.

Our Customers Come First

At GoCanvas, our customers always come first. Not only are we available via phone, email, even chat, we also want to hear from our customers. Many of the changes we’ve made over the years to improve our product started from those discussions. If we can’t find an immediate solution to your problem, we will work on it until we can provide the solution you’re looking for. We’re not just committed to making a great mobile app: we’re committed to making the best app for you.

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