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Why Wireless Carriers and Mobile Operators Want to Partner With GoCanvas

By Joe Gatto on February 13, 2014

I’ve been focused in the area of business-development and strategic partnerships for quite some time now, about 15 years to be exact. The one thing that still excites me after all of these years is the process of finding, creating and launching a successful partnership. Two companies may have their own unique strengths, but together they can create new product offerings, services and revenue streams that never could have existed if attempted alone. The proverbial “best of both worlds” is in practice every day in the world of Biz Dev. 

Wireless carriers and mobile operators around the globe happen to be a very good fit with GoCanvas. GoCanvas is a unique offering that solves a big problem for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our ability to provide an extremely secure, flexible and affordable solution for the two-person shop or the mega-corporation is a very compelling proposition for our carrier partners to work with us.

Smartphones and tablets are for more than email and texting, they can improve your business (source)

GoCanvas also benefits from these partnerships. In addition to delivering prolific 4G+ networks, the latest in mobile devices, wireless carriers bring an exceedingly loyal customer base, a solution-oriented sales force and a powerful brand.

GoCanvas has proven to be a very effective “pull-through” product for our carrier partners in the sale of tablets and data plans. Both of which are near-and-dear to a carrier’s heart. GoCanvas provides a simple and straightforward answer when a carrier sales rep is confronted with the question “Why do I need a tablet for my business? I don’t have time to surf the web. I’ve got a business to run.”

The value proposition that we bring the carrier’s customer is clear. Eliminate the inadequacies of collecting critical business information on paper. Make that smartphone or tablet work for you by adding powerful features like image-capture, barcode scanning, and database look-up for latest parts or customer information. Most importantly, capture that information off of that invoice or work order in “real-time” and act on that information.

  • Bill your customer right away. No need to wait for that paperwork to get back to the office.
  • Order that part immediately.
  • Ensure that key information is being collected in the field with the use of required fields.
  • Take a picture of a completed project or a deficiency that needs to be addressed.
  • Eliminate the need to decipher illegible handwriting.
  • Add credit-card swipe service to capture that transaction immediately.
  • Route the data directly into your back-end CRM, accounting system, etc. to eliminate redundant data entry.

These are just some examples of the efficiencies GoCanvas solves. More than these obvious productivity gains, customers have gleaned up to 75% cost savings on the cost of their existing paper forms alone!

But why GoCanvas? Why do carriers want to work with us? We do what no other provider of mobile business apps or forms automation has been able to do effectively: We make it simple.

Our Application Store is the only one of its kind and a huge differentiator. The Application Store houses over 12,000 business-only mobile apps and across 16 vertical industries.

A carrier sales rep can easily download a variety of mobile apps in whatever particular industry they may be calling on that day.  The rep spends a few minutes walking-through the app and is prepared to show the customer or prospect relevant content on a tablet. This process alone has proven to be very successful and has led to increased sales of tablets for our carrier partners. You are walking into that meeting demonstrating how the business can immediately benefit from implementing your solution.

Demmer Corporation is one such example. The solution that we jointly delivered with one of our carrier partners was so game-changing to this manufacturer in Lansing, MI that they won the 2013 Mobilizer Award for Enterprise Mobility. They saved over $1,000,000.00 in the first year after deploying GoCanvas.

More than a great product, we also have the experience in training and helping carriers understand and sell GoCanvas. Regional trainings and webinars are just some of the ways that we reach out personally to your teams.

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