Why Mobile Apps for Business Will Help Your Organization Thrive

By Stuart Kelly on February 22, 2014

Smart, successful businesses are always in a state of renovation. Continuous improvement is a must in today’s uber-competitive global market. There are 2 key waves of change underway across the world that are influencing the the operational and business decisions organizations face:

1)      A hardware revolution in the form of penetration of smart mobile devices. Our primary personal computing is shifting to our mobile devices like smart phones and increasingly tablets.

2)      A software revolution where apps are becoming the established medium through which processes, functions and tasks are completed and content is consumed.

photo credit: Johan Larsson via photopin cc

The combination of these factors mean that businesses would be very wise to evaluate the introduction of mobile business apps into their operations and processes. But if you as a shrewd business person are looking at this future direction for your organization what can your reasonably expect to be the upside outcomes? Here are a few areas to consider.

1)     Better Data 

Mobile business apps can provide better in both depth and quality. Smart devices are genuinely smart and leveraging their capability can correct for and eliminate human error. They erase confusion due to illegible handwriting, and perform calculations with far more accuracy than the human mind. You can also augment traditional work processes with richer data and information such as photographs and location information with GPS. As our technological abilities expand, so will the data you will be able to collect. 

2)     ‘Always-On’ Workforce 

Do you know how much time is wasted with paper? Searching for one paper document can cost a worker 18 minutes. The downtime associated with analogue processes and procedures can now all but be eliminated. With business apps, you canpresent the data needed for workers to complete their job on-demand. Thus, tasks will be completed quicker meaning more tasks can be done in a work-day!

3)     Meaningfully Connected Employees 

Remote or mobile workers can often be less engaged due to their location. Business apps can not only connect them to the data they need for their role but also to their colleagues and teams. Leveraging mobile technology can allow remote workers to fully participate in discussions, training, workshops etc. HR departments can even introduce gamification into the organization through mobile app, driving further engagement.

4)    Faster Turnaround 

Time is money in business. The company that can respond quicker more often with better data through better engaged employees who minimize downtime will set itself up for long-term success. With mobile apps for business deployed in the field, data is at employees fingertips and information collected by field workers can be made available instantly, digitally! Trimming the fat out of legacy processes.

Any one of these outcomes would be a great ROI in and of themselves. The fact is, mobile business apps will lead to all of these great impacts in your business! That’s ROI on steroids!! Imagine the growth possibilities for your business, and see how mobile business apps can help your business thrive.