Why Field Service Companies Love Mobile Payments and GoCanvas

By katie simpson on January 9, 2015

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Has this happened to your field service business? You've done a job at someone's house or business. Afterwards, you have to chase down the technician for their invoice of work done. Only it's lost, or unreadable. Suddenly you're faced with a decision: do you eat the cost, or try to send out an invoice? 

Or maybe you've sent out an invoice to your customer. Only, it got lost in the mail, so they say. So you send it again, maybe this time with delivery confirmation. What should have taken a few days has now stretched into over a week just to get payment.

These are just some of the issues that we hear field service companies with payment today. With GoCanvas and mobile payments, you can solve these issues and more. Here's how:

Receive and share information in real time

With paper work orders, invoices, or service reports, information is slow to get back to your office, or to your customers. It could be hours or days before an employee in the field comes back to the office. This slows down your billing, purchase orders, even follow ups with customers.

By going mobile, your business can dramatically streamline all of these processes. All your reports filled out on GoCanvas are immediately accessible in the cloud. Your office can know in real time what parts need to be ordered. Email your invoice directly to your customer after finishing your work. 

More than receiving information from the field, you can use GoCanvas to do light dispatches as well. Pre-populate the forms for your employees from your account. For instance, send a customer's address, name, and problem inside a pre-populated work order. Your employee will get a notification on their smartphone or tablet. 

Real time information streamlines your back end processes for faster service, and faster reporting. Going mobile allows you to have strategic understanding of your business not weeks later, but the same day. 

Get Paid in Real Time

Mobile payments makes it easier and faster than ever before. With the invoice or work order generated by your technician, they can collect payment on site.  At the end of the form, simply swipe, enter the credit card number, or take a photo. You can also collect cash or check. When done, the app will automatically send a professional PDF to your customer's email. 

Your sale cycle that once took weeks, now can happen the same day as your work. Plus, your customer will enjoy a great PDF of the receipt straight in their inbox for their own filing. 

Create accurate work orders, invoices, and service reports

Your invoices, work orders, and service reports are the proof you need for payment in field service. By going mobile, you can collect this information quickly and accurately. Automatic time and date stamps can calculate how much time your employees spent on the job. 

Tired of missing important information? Easily make fields required on your mobile apps. They will ensure your technicians fill out all necessary information the first time. 

In addition,in-app calculations help you generate quotes accurately. With reference data, you can upload the price for parts, as well as technician's hourly cost. Simply enter the parts used, time spent, and GoCanvas will generate the quote.

Better documentation means less work for you in the long run. Less calls with confused customers, less time chasing down missing invoices, and eliminating your need for data entry. With more time, you can focus on quality work.

Customized for your unique needs

Even in field service, no two business is alike. With GoCanvas, you can tailor your mobile app to fit your business. Build your mobile app from scratch, or tailor one of the 15,000 apps we have in our store. 

You don't need any knowledge of coding. Use our drag and drop interface, and you can create a custom mobile app in minutes. 

As your business changes, your mobile apps can grow too. Make as many or as little changes as you want with GoCanvas. When you're finished, all your updates will go out to your users in real time. 


Mobile apps are a huge win for field service. Receive and share accurate information in real time. Collect payment while on site with the customer, for faster and easier sale cycles. If you're ready to work smarter, contact us to get started.