Why Enterprise Businesses Use Electronic Forms

By Stephen Minus on January 28, 2014

Let’s face it,  enterprise businesses are busier than they have ever been before.  The competition is fiercer and materials are more expensive. Most importantly, businesses have no time to waste. For that reason it’s crucial to find ways to increase productivity, reduce cost, and stay organized. Thankfully, there’s a way to accomplish all of these needs through a simple, low cost, and easily implemented solution. What is it? Electronic forms.

Real Time Data For Real Time Work

Why move slower than have to? In today’s fast pace environment it’s necessary for enterprise businesses to be as productive as possible. Yet many businesses still work with paper forms. How long do those take to get into your system? Hours? Days?

Electronic forms have the ability to be sent in real time. No longer do you have to wait for your employees to come back from the field to process paper work. These forms allow you to inspect stores, or equipment much quicker. Real time access to these forms lets your employees communicate easily. All of these benefits let you get back to your customers faster. 

More Paper… Paper Benjamins.

The only paper I never mind having is cash! Anything that can help me make more of it or save what I already have always sounds good to me. That is a major reason why enterprises are going mobile.

With electronic forms you no longer will have to waste money on the cost of paper. How much are you spending on paper? First, there’s the initial buying of paper. One box of paper can cost around $40. Even if you only use 100 boxes a year, that’s $4,000 lost.

But wait: what about the cost of storage? If you are keeping just 20 cabinets of paper records, then you’re spending up to $7,440.00 a year. With your upfront costs of buying paper, you’re spending over $11,000 dollars a year on paper. That’s a lot of money for an inefficient system.

If you’re using paper, you may as well be burning your money (Images_of_Money, source)

Any data collected on a sheet of paper can be completed by filling out an electronic form on your smartphone or tablet. With affordable subscriptions, you’ll pay a fraction of your current costs and get a better quality product.

Lost Paper is More Than a Headache

A lost sheet of paper is one the hardest things find! Especially in an enterprise business, staying organized is essential. By going to electronic forms, you’ll never have to search for a wayward piece of paper or look through a file cabinet. By using the electronic forms, you can easily store and access all of your information in the cloud. No longer take 10 or 30 minutes to find a form. You can find it with a quick search.

Ready for More?

Still contemplating whether using electronic forms is the right solution for your business? Don’t just take my word for it, see what other businesses are saying: Check out the GoCanvas testimonial page.