Why Enterprise Businesses Choose GoCanvas for Electronic Forms

By katie simpson on February 27, 2014

Big businesses, even in the same industry, are not one size fit all. Culture, current processes, and their needs both past and present, ensure that every company has different requirements, especially in their forms. 

Still across industries and continents, enterprises love working with GoCanvas. Why? We create tailor fits for each company we work with, at a fraction of a custom app's cost. 

13,000 and Counting

Our years of experience working with electronic forms shows in our application store. There, organizations both large and small can find a wide variety to choose from. Our electronic forms span across industry, various languages and form types. Organizations can use as many or as little of these as they like for the same low cost. 

Often, enterprises will see an electronic form they love in the store, but needs a few edits. With GoCanvas, this isn't a problem! Simply download the app to your account and make whatever edits you would like. When they have finished making the edits, they save and publish their changes, and all of these go out immediately to the users. This allows organizations to create perfectly tailored forms in a fraction of the time. 

Ruggedized or Consumer, Smartphone or Tablet, Android or iOS

Every organization prefers different hardware. Some prefer using ruggedized devices, especially in construction and manufacturing. Others are content with an iphone in protective hard cases. 

No matter what hardware you choose, it will probably work with GoCanvas. Our mobile app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Blackberry. We work on rugged, semi rugged and consumer smartphones and tablets. We even have a version of the app that can be used on computers if you use laptops in the field. Rest assured that as you use GoCanvas, you can work on a variety of device types and still gather great data on your electronic forms. 

Corporate Grade Security

In a large organization, controlling access to data is crucial. While GoCanvas makes it easy to collect and share data, we also take security seriously. 

One way enterprises make their electronic forms secure is with user privileges. Companies can give various level privileges to their users. Privileges range from full admin access to only allowing electronic form submissions from users' smartphones and tablets. Perhaps you have 30 mobile workers who only focus on completing their forms and two office managers who create reports from these documents. By limiting the vast majority's access, your enterprise can also keep the data more secure. Depending on your organization and needs, you can tailor user privileges to keep your business both productive and secure.  

In addition to user privileges, GoCanvas is  HIPAA compliant and has options for additional security. Mechanisms including auto-log off of users, disabling auto-email features and increased usage of logging and checksums to ensure that the data hasn't been manipulated. This will create additional safety around your electronic forms.

No matter what you choose to use, your data is safe with GoCanvas. Every submission is encrypted three times between the device and it's final destination in the cloud. This encryption ensures your data's safe from prying eyes. 

Low Cost, Huge ROI

Signing up with GoCanvas, you have access to a range of options. You can use as many forms from our application store as you'd like. Edit your forms at no cost, and publish them to one or a hundred users instantly. You will have full access to our mobile app builder, allowing you to create custom apps from the ground up. There, you can harness photo, GPS and signature capture as well as reference data and conditional branching for some of the most powerful electronic forms. You get cloud storage, customized PDFs, all at a low cost of $20/month for a user. 

Compared to the cost of paper forms, going with GoCanvas can save you hundreds of hours and make organizing your data easy. On average, one 4 drawer file cabinet costs $1,500 a year. One year's subscription with GoCanvas will cost only $210. Going with GoCanvas for your electronic forms will not only make collecting data easier, but also save you thousands of dollars over the long run.