Why Automating Your Data Collection Makes Sense for Growing Your Business

By Kassidi Koronkowski on September 25, 2018
Tags: Data Collection, Productivity

Exceeding Customer Expectations With Mobile Forms

Two-day shipping, customized products, to 24-hour turn around times; customers expect nothing but the best experience from beginning to end for each of their purchases.

As businesses continue to find more and more ways to provide the best solution for their customers, their customer’s expectations are also continuing to grow. All these customer demands may seem daunting, but they have to be met in order to stay competitive. What sets a business apart from their competitors is when they can find ways to not only meet their customer’s expectations but exceed them.

Creating a sustainable and competitive solution to exceed customer expectations starts by improving your internal processes. Manual and inefficient tasks prohibit your company’s growth.

Here are three reasons why automating the way you capture information makes sense for growing your business:

1. Make Data-Driven Business Decisions 

Every day we are faced with decisions. Some of these decisions have little impact on our future, but others can alter the future dramatically. In business, it is important to let the data drive each of your decisions. Every choice comes with risk, but you are able to moderate the level of impact by evaluating the data for each of your options. If you have no data, you’re conducting business blind!

By automating the way you capture information, data becomes readily available at the touch of a button. Paper forms, fillable pdfs, even emailed or scanned paperwork require hours of data re-entry and create the potential for human error. The time it takes for your office staff to re-enter information means your data is out-dated until all the entries have been compiled, transferred, organized, and then evaluated. Instead, automated data collection gives you real-time visibility into the data you’re already collecting. This gives your business the ability to make data-driven business decisions! 

2. Provide an Exceptional Customer Experience 

Just like yourself, your customers don’t appreciate being handed a pile of paper either. They also don’t like receiving important information about their purchase weeks later. When a person makes a purchase they want the transaction to be as transparent as possible.

Picture this, you went to get your car worked on at Jeff’s Auto Dealership. After they finished the work on your car you were handed a pile of paper to sign and a bill much higher than what you expected. What if instead the dealership automatically emailed you a full summary of the work they completed with before and after pictures, a list of recommendations for upcoming maintenance work, and a coupon attached? Thinking about ways to make life easier for your customer is what will exceed your customers' expectations. By automating the way you collect information you can create exceptional experiences for each of your customers!

3. Your Business is Dynamic and so are its Processes

Your business is constantly changing. With new team members or locations even new products or services, your business is very dynamic. Just as your company is dynamic your internal processes should be as well. The way you conduct your business should be able to keep up with the ever-changing competitive landscape. For businesses that are still using tools such as Excel or even paper, their data collection isn’t able to update with the pace of the company. By automating the way you capture data with a tool like GoCanvas, you are able to update the platform users, add forms, or even customize fields all within a minutes time. By automating your data collection process you are able to nearly eliminate forgotten or skipped fields, uninterpretable handwriting, and lengthy turn around times. Just like your business, your processes improve with you!

By automating the way you capture data you can use the time once wasted on labor-intensive processes to focus on creating strategic business decisions. Stay ahead of your customer's needs, and provide the answers before the question arises. With features such as photo capture, hidden GPS pins, signature fields, reference data and more there are more ways than one that you can improve your current process!

Whether you are making the switch from paper or looking to improve your internal processes, we hope you consider GoCanvas as your data collection tool. Sign up for GoCanvas free and give our platform a try today!

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