What Types of Forms can you Build with GoCanvas?

By Nick Mirisis on November 13, 2019
Tags: Data Collection

Popular GoCanvas Apps for your Business

If you are new to the GoCanvas system or are interested in giving it a try, you might be wondering which of your paper-based processes can benefit from digital form conversion. The GoCanvas Application Store contains a brief overview of all the available templates for you to use. For a more detailed description of popular apps, here is a closer look at some of the forms and documents most commonly created on GoCanvas. 

Inspection Checklists

Checklists are a valuable organizational tool that ensure quick and detailed inspections. This efficiency is especially beneficial for tedious and detailed inspection processes. The inspection checklist offerings within the GoCanvas system are abundantly used in the construction industry, the restaurant industry, the transportation industry, and more. Some of the most common GoCanvas inspection checklists include:

  • Vehicle Inspection Checklists: The Vehicle Inspection Checklist application is useful in the automotive industry to streamline the pre-purchase inspection process. 
  • Building Inspection Checklists: Building Inspection Checklists can be used in various construction industry sectors as the app can be easily modified to accommodate different elements of the building inspection processes. This app is a necessity for those who work in the construction industry. 
  • General Inspection Checklist: The general Inspection Checklist application is versatile and adaptable. Edit this checklist form to include the details of any internal company process you may like streamlined. 

Each of these checklists and others can be customized to meet your company’s unique features and needs, ensuring that your processes are neatly organized and properly completed. 

Work/Service Order Invoices

Mobile work/service order invoices make it easy to track work completed, capture all costs involved and collect payment – while at the job site.  Some of the most commonly used GoCanvas work/service order invoices include:

  • Job/Work Order Invoice: Make it easier for field techs to complete invoices and maintenance request forms with the Job Work Order/Invoice. This app can also be quickly enabled (like all GoCanvas apps) to accept credit card payments using Square Mobile Payments.
  • HVAC Service/Work Order: Designed specifically for HVAC businesses, the  HVAC Service/Work Order with Checklist and Dispatch includes a comprehensive checklist of repair items to expedite form completion. With GoCanvas, you can also dispatch pre-filled out work orders directly from the office to a tech’s mobile device. 
  • Truck/Trailer Work Order: Perfect for truck and semi-truck repair shops, quickly detail service repair details using the mobile Truck and Trailer Repair Work Order provides.

The digital mobile interface of GoCanvas makes it easy for repair techs to adopt, while eliminating the risks to the business of paper-based processes including lost, incomplete, delayed, or damaged forms. 

Reports | Mobile Reporting Application

Reporting has never been easier than it is on a mobile forms app. The GoCanvas system has several pre-built report templates that allow you to effortlessly add the fields that perfectly suit your business. Some of the common GoCanvas reports include:

  • Field Service Report: Helping keep service techs organized and productive, the Field Service Report app tracks job details, labor and materials and includes tech and client signature to ensure no misunderstandings.  
  • Incident Report: When you are dealing with an incident report, the last thing you need is a difficult reporting process. With a mobile Incident Report Form, you can quickly and easily complete and submit a mobile report from the convenience of your mobile device. 
  • Expense Report App: Expense reports must be completed quickly and accurately. With a mobile Expense Report app, you can avoid legibility issues and eliminate the timely issues associated with paper processes. 

Logs | Mobile Time Logs and Work Logs

Mobile logs make it easy to track activity and stay on track with internal and external company processes. When logs are completed, they can be easily exported for a quick digital approval process. Some of the common GoCanvas logs include:

  • Driving Logs: Within the delivery industry, Driving Logs can be effortlessly managed and exported on the GoCanvas mobile app.
  • Medication Logs: Patient management can be efficiently improved with the use of a mobile Medication Log, making it easier to manage patients and data within the medical field.
  • Time and Material Logs: Perfect for tracking the labor, materials, and equipment used at a job site, you can take advantage of the ease that the mobile Time and Material Log for Contractors provides.

The digital interface of mobile GoCanvas logs makes it easy to communicate progress without the risk of lost, delayed, or damaged paper forms. 

The reporting process is made even easier by the GoCanvas digital signature features, mobile GPS locations, and data auto-population.