What is the best app for construction daily reports?

By The GoCanvas Team on November 5, 2021

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Daily reports serve to keep all project stakeholders updated on the progress of construction work. In the digital era, construction sites have embraced more mobile and digital technologies to capture important information from the field. Construction daily report apps are now available for project and site managers to record updates using a mobile device or tablet. By instantly bringing information to the cloud, project stakeholders can easily access updates in real-time.

The best construction daily report apps will enable your job site to easily collect data, share reports, and improve data accuracy and quality. Daily report apps should also be connected with other forms and reports produced on a job site, like inspections, timecards, and safety. Having a comprehensive solution for managing data on a construction site can help to increase productivity and streamline your operations. Continue reading this article to learn more about GoCanvas for daily reports and related construction job site management apps.


Construction Daily Report Software – What You Should Know 

What makes a best-in-class platform for construction software? Here are some key considerations when selecting technology for daily reports. 



Daily reports should be easy for employees in the field to complete. Likewise, it should be easy to assign work and manage workflows from the office. Having an easy-to-use platform for construction job site management will help to improve productivity and eliminate manual processes. In the field, employees will want the ability to easily complete forms on a mobile tablet and have the ability to access relevant information, all in one spot. In the office, software will help managers to assign and view the status of work, with reporting and analytics on key trends from job sites. Prioritize solutions that are easy to use for your staff and this will help to increase their adoption of the new technologies.



Every company has different ways of working and software should be easily customized to fit your unique job site needs. When thinking about digital forms, the platform should allow you to customize how data is collected from the field. Best-in-class software for daily reports will allow you to build custom forms to ensure your data is consistent, accurate, and completed on time. All of this can be done without needing to invest heavily in additional IT resources or time. Daily report software should be easy to customize by any end user of the software, giving you the ability to make changes quickly and see a fast time to value.


Comprehensive Solution for the Field

Most software tools today that help with daily reports are offered as part of a larger ecosystem of apps and solutions for the field. While you may want to start out with a pilot project to get started, consider how the software can help you expand into other use cases. For example, you may start with daily reports, but later decide to roll out other apps for safety, inspections, and other operational tasks. Additionally, you may need to integrate data collected from the field with other data and systems that your business uses today. A comprehensive solution for the field is essential, so you can integrate your data systems and create a suite of tailored field solutions based on your business needs. 


How GoCanvas Works

GoCanvas is a mobile platform that makes it simple for businesses to automate how work is done, replacing outdated processes and expensive paperwork. The GoCanvas App works on smartphones and tablets, helping companies easily collect information across their organization, share it instantly with others, and gain real-time insight on their business operations. Construction firms rely on GoCanvas to digitize their work orders, inspections, daily reports, safety programs, and more. Get started for free with our construction daily report template or contact our team to learn more.


Construction Daily Report Example and Template

The Construction Daily Field Report app provides a customizable daily report template that is accessible from anywhere in the field. This daily report template allows the project engineer and subcontractors to track all activities at the work site, including the job site report from the foremen, change orders and work orders, site accidents or delays, equipment status, time cards for team members and more. This daily report template can be modified to meet the needs of your team members and for different types of construction work.

With the construction daily report app, users can check daily time cards, track project status and more, all from the daily log app. Accessible from any mobile device, you can use the app from any job site and make changes to the template to meet your reporting needs. Once the daily log form is completed, team members can sign off on the information and save it for their records.

As a contractor, use this daily field report template to track progress and work performed on site location. Document and record essential activity data and hours worked through this log form in real time, reducing paperwork and cost.


example of a construction daily report template