field service worker in a van on an ipad making delivery

What is Field Service Management Software?

By The GoCanvas Team on August 17, 2021

field service worker in a van on an ipad making delivery


Field service management is a category of software solutions that are designed to simplify the field operations for businesses that have a distributed workforce. There are many types of companies that have a field service component to their business model, including residential services, construction, utilities, and similar types of organizations with field operations.

The category of field service management software includes solutions designed to enable greater efficiency in the field, better service for customers, and time savings for staff in the office. There is a strong business case for investing in this category of software because it generates a solid return on investment in the form of an increased competitive advantage and greater workforce productivity.

Some common use cases include:

  • Dispatch and assign work to field teams
  • Preventative maintenance and inspections
  • Digital quotes or estimates, invoices, and reports
  • Contract management
  • Work orders
  • Parts and inventory 
  • Inventory and barcode scanning
  • Analytics and insights

The goal of field service management software is to digitize information and share it in real-time between workers in the field, managers in the office, and externally to customers and other key stakeholders.


Why Do You Need Field Service Management Software?

Most companies realize they need field service management software when they reach a level of business growth where it becomes too difficult or costly to scale efficiently. For example, a HVAC services company is poised for growth, but is unfortunately running into several common challenges like:

  • Time-consuming paper work and manual processes
  • Inefficient scheduling and challenges assigning work
  • Slow billing cycles
  • Difficulty collaborating between field and office


All of these issues can become a drain on productivity and can even impact the customer experience negatively. When the paper work and manual processes become too difficult to manage, companies look to software to help automate tasks and improve workflows. 

In order for the HVAC or service business in this example to scale and meet customer demands, investing in software becomes a competitive edge and increases profitability over time. Field service management software is needed to eliminate paper, share information in real-time within the organization, and provide an effortless and digital experience to the customer. In this way, field service management software can transform how your business works and give you the super power needed to reach your growth goals.


How Does Field Service Management Software Work?

Field service management software works both for employees in the office and for employees in the field. Typically employees in the office will leverage a computer to manage and assign work in the field. Once work is assigned to a technician, the work is typically done on a mobile device or tablet. Field service management software works is designed to meet both of these needs, empowering management in the office and workers that are mobile. For example, a technician that is unable to access WiFi in a remote location can leverage the field service management app on their mobile device and the information can be recorded offline. Once internet access is available again, information is synced back to the cloud where it can be accessed by management. 

Since mobility is an important factor with this software use case, solutions will also provide greater insights for employees in the field that can help them do their jobs. For example, a field technician may be required to perform an inspection with dozens of data points to capture. Instead of manually referencing client data, the software can pre-fill digital form fields with known information about the customer to save technicians valuable time.

Integrations like this help inform field teams, but the integrations can also be used to sync information from the field and have it connect to accounting, payroll, CRM, document management, and other cloud-based tools a business already uses. Connecting data captured from the field can provide valuable data for a business and field service software can integrate seamlessly into your business and data ecosystem.

There are many features and functionality within field service management software tools. No-code and low code mobile data platforms are growing in popularity as solutions that can be quickly implemented without needing heavy technical resources. This type of field service management software is easy to use, affordable, and has a fast time to value. If you’re ready to see how this category of software can work for your business, contact the GoCanvas team to learn more or sign up for a free trial today. 


About GoCanvas

GoCanvas is a leading provider of field service management software solutions, trusted by over 5000 businesses worldwide. Our mobile products enable businesses to digitize information and be more responsive to their customers. Our cloud-based, customizable app works on smartphones and tablets, empowering field service organizations to digitally collect data and realize its value in improving workflow, communications, and operational processes.