What are Construction Companies Doing About Data Collection?

By katie simpson on December 9, 2013

A fable recently discovered from the land of Constructionium:

Once upon a time throughout the kingdom of Constructionium, the people collected data by hand and paper. As the sun rose, they began their work, writing the time in on paper time sheets. Safety inspections of machines were written slowly on pen and paper. There were no photographs, only written descriptions of issues on these forms.  

Though the paper form was cumbersome, slow, and prone to inaccuracies, it ruled the land. The precious jewels of data were the lifeblood of this kingdom. Without data, the people would starve. So Constructionium continued to pay homage to paper form. In exchange, the people were granted use of forms for their work (but at a hefty price).

One day, a stranger came to Constructionium. His name was mobile app and he brought wonderful but strange news. He knew of a new way to mine the precious data jewels. With their phones and tablets, the people could fill out information quickly, and gather data in minutes!

A stranger came with marvelous news! (source)

Mobile app promised the people many beautiful things. No longer would they worry about the time they began to work: the app could capture it the moment they signed in. The long inspections of machines, which once took an hour, now could take mere minutes. He promised more than speed, but also new and delightful tools! Images, GPS location, signatures, even calculations! 

But paper form would not give up Constructionium so easily! He recalled the people’s fears. Think of the fees he will ask of you! He will tell you to buy new phones, new tablets, and put a heavy yolk around your neck. Change is hard and costly. I, the paper form, have worked well with you for centuries. Are you ready to change so quickly?

Mobile app merely smiled at these careful words. Do not fear, mobile app replied, change takes time, but it is easy with me. I will give you one month to work with me. You will pay no fee, no tax in this time. I will have customer service available every day to help you through this transition.

You will not need to change your phone. Apple, Android, or Blackberry, I work with them all. Constantly I will work to make life better for you in Constructionium. You will mine faster, be safer and have more time with your family and friends.  

More than time, I promise that you will save more money with me than paper form as your ruler. Your homes will no longer be overrun with storing these large paper files. They will all be accessible and safe in the cloud after you fill out the app the first time.

Without shedding a drop of blood, the people chose mobile app to rule the land. Paper form was banished from the kingdom. A new era of prosperity began in Constructionium. The data shone brighter, came more quickly, and was always safe in the cloud. So, with mobile app as their benevolent ruler, the people of Constructionium lived happily ever after.