West Coast Company Paves the Way to Paperless Business:  Converts to GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iOS

By scott shea on June 21, 2012

Paving Company Goes Paperless with GoCanvas and Apple
A west coast paving company recently made the transition to custom mobile apps by switching to GoCanvas.  The California crew of pavers realized the amount of time and paper that was wasted by filling out estimates and agreements on the job site and having to bring them back to the office to enter the information manually.  After acquiring an iPad, the next step was easy.  Find a solution that can capture all the information right on the mobile device and have that information delivered in real time back to the office.  GoCanvas was an easy choice!

By taking advantage of Canvas’ free trial, the company was able to get their app perfected to the exact needs of their business.  First, they sent us a form which we were happy to build for free with our Send Us Your Form offer.  The app was built in a couple days and the paving company was able to start testing immediately.  Our team of app builders did such a wonderful job very few tweaks were needed to get the app just the way they wanted.

Once the company started using GoCanvas they found it extremely user friendly on the mobile device.  Field workers are able to capture the vital information from the job site.  All of the necessary specifications are captured including square footage, color requests, and the type of construction required for the job.  They are also able to gather the essential payment information and dates the payments will take place on.  Finally, the consultant, purchaser, and contractor are all able to review the mobile form and sign right on site!

Once completed, all parties involved immediately receive an email with a PDF document of the estimate.  The form can also be seen in the office in real time!  There is no more lag time waiting for the information to come back from the site.

If you are interested in streamlining your business and going mobile check us out at www.gocanvas.com and sign up for a risk free trial.  We have thousands of prebuilt apps in our application store that are free to download.  Search for apps in your industry at http://www.gocanvas.com/mobile-forms-apps.