Webinar Wrap-up: All Your Questions Answered – Part #1

By keith bateman on March 27, 2017

Your GoCanvas Questions Answered

We recently held our largest webinar ever on March 21st. During the webinar, we discussed the latest product releases as well as announcing exciting features that are currently on the horizon.

The biggest news from the webinar was the formal introduction and Beta release of the highly anticipated Dispatch Calendar. This new functionality gives GoCanvas users the ability to schedule, manage, and assign dispatches from a central calendar view. The best part is that the tasks assigned from Dispatch Calendar can be connected to the Google Calendar/Outlook/Ical account of the employee receiving the task! 

The reveal of all these new features has led to a barrage of questions, and we are here to answer them! 

And if you didn't get a chance to attend the webinar, click here to watch a replay!


Questions About the New Dispatch Calendar

Q: When will this be fully released out of closed Beta? 

 A: Soon! Right now we have a group of users testing things out to make sure everything is running smoothly. If all goes well, we should be able to release it sooner rather than later. You may email Sales@gocanvas.com to request access to the Beta as well!

Q: With Dispatch, when you schedule a task in the future it sends the employee a notification on the same day its due. If I schedule an appointment at 6 AM on Thursday, and today's Monday, how will that person know about it without having to manually check their calendar?  

A: Great question. With the newest updates to Dispatch, you can set when you want a reminder alert to be sent. You can set it to send as early as one 1 week before the task, or as late as 10 minutes before the task is set to begin. 

Q: Can this calendar be automatically synced to an Outlook calendar? Synched both ways, to and from Outlook calendar? 

A: When you create and assign a task using Dispatch Calendar, you will get the option to send a calendar notification. This will allow the user who is assigned the dispatch to add the task to their calendar, no matter if it's Google, Ical, or Outlook. 

Q: Can Dispatches be scheduled on a repetitive or recurring basis?

A: At this time, a Dispatch can only be scheduled for immediate assignment or for single assignment in the future. The ability to setup recurring tasks within the Dispatch Manager is on our product roadmap for future development. One workaround today is to simply select the dispatch you have created and click “copy”. This will create a duplicate dispatch with the same task details that you can schedule for the next future date 3, 6, or 12 months out. 

Q: Can you send the same dispatch to multiple users?

A: I will direct you to the response above. While you can't assign the same dispatch to multiple people while you are creating it, you can simply copy it and assign the duplicate to a new user. 

Q: On the Dispatch Calendar, are you able to filter by tasks that are yet to be assigned?

A: Great question. Within the calendar view, there is a button called “Filter”. This button allows you to narrow your calendar view by dispatches that match specific criteria including “App Name”, “Status”, or both. Within the “Status” filter, you can select “Unassigned” to see any dispatch that was created but has yet to be assigned to a user on your account. 

Q: Could we send the calendar invite to the customer to notify them of dispatch/arrival?

A: I love this idea! At this time the notification alert can only be set and sent to the user being assigned the dispatch, but if you feel strongly about this functionality I encourage you to upload it as a Feature Request!  Click here to upload and review current customer feature requests. 

Q: How many color options to designate users?

A: There are approximately 24, which is approximately the same number that Google Calendar gives its users access to as well. 

Questions About the PDF Designer​​

Q: Is there a way to test an app before publishing it out to all my company users?

A: Absolutely! GoCanvas has long had a “Testing” mode that allows clients to build apps without having to publish them to their entire team. With the “Testing mode”, only users with the privilege level of Admin or Designer will receive the app for testing. After they have played with the app and are happy with the changes, all the test submissions will be deleted and the app will be permanently published to the account. 

Q: Will GoCanvas ever have the capability to capture and print PDF reports right from the mobile device?

A: Interesting question. The goal of GoCanvas is to help companies and individuals eliminate the clutter that carrying paperwork causes, so creating “in-app printing” sounds sort of contradictory to our message. But we understand that in some industries it is a requirement to leave a paper copy when a digital one is not acceptable. While we don't offer a “Print Now” button on our mobile client, all your reports are able to be viewed, edited, and downloaded right from your mobile device. This allows many of our current customers to quickly open a report in their default PDF viewer and print via a bluetooth printer. This is a quick and easy way to leave a paper copy at any job site when needed. 

Q: Are social icons like Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter going to be available to embed with the PDF Designer?

A: Right now our PDF Designer gives you the ability to quickly connect and embed your own Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Angie's List, Google Review, and Home Advisor accounts. If you have something specific you would like to see added, please submit a feature request!

Q: Will there be support for resizing images on the PDF Designer?

A: This functionality is currently available today! When you place an image field into a column on the PDF, make sure you add an adjoining column as well. You can then push and pull your image until adjusts to the approximate size that you want it to show up on your PDF report. Also keep in mind that the way you take a photo, Portrait or landscape, can affect how the image appears on the report as well. 

Q: Will there be support for zooming in on drawings within an app? And will there be support for customizing the order of field names for the Email/PDF submissions without changing the order of fields in the builder?

A: When you capture or create a drawing within your GoCanvas app, the PDF viewer on the GoCanvas website allows you to easily zoom in on any portion of your report. The second part of the question has already been submitted as a feature request, so our team will be reviewing it for inclusion on our Product Roadmap. 

General Questions About Usability, Features, and More

Q: Are all of these features going to be released worldwide?

A: Yes! The plan is to roll-out Dispatch Calendar to all eligible customers! 

Q: Can we pull data from Zapier to auto fill fields in the canvas app, So that we can go to a customer and fill a form out with their data?

A: Yes! With our current Zapier integration, you are able to pull data from an existing system or GoCanvas submission and have it automatically create a new dispatch. This dispatch can be filled with information from that connected system or previous submission. Another way would be to use our Reference Data feature, where you can actually upload your customer database and quickly auto-fill parts of your mobile form by selecting a person's name or location. 

Q: Are there plans for a new Web or Desktop client for GoCanvas?

A: We are actually in the middle of design and development of both of these things right now. Check the GoCanvas blog for more information and updates on this future release!

Q: Any plans to add a “scanner” object besides the camera, to link to scanner apps, that cleanup pictured documents. E.g. CamScanner

A: This is not currently on our Product Roadmap, but it would make a great feature request!

Q: When is your next webinar?

A: Great question! We plan to do these large and insightful webinars every 2-3 months in order to ensure that our current and future customers get the most value out of it. Look for a notification in late May for our next customer success webinar!