3 Ways Digital Apps Help with HVAC Invoices

By The GoCanvas Team on January 13, 2022

Running an HVAC business today means you need to be prepared for the unexpected. One opportunity to unlock productivity and modernize your operations is by leveraging digital HVAC invoices. This category of software is easy-to-use and highly configurable to your unique business needs. Continue reading this blog post to learn how digital apps can help you maximize your business growth and minimize your risk.

Why Go Digital with HVAC Invoices?

The reason to switch from paper invoices to digital forms is the need to scale your business growth and productivity. Take for example Allied Air. Their HVAC company found that paper forms were slowing down their field technicians, resulting in manual work and inaccurate data. By eliminating paper forms and moving to digital HVAC invoices, the company has seen an increase in their operational efficiency.

Beyond just HVAC invoices, technology is being used to help companies do more with less. Software is helping solve for many of the major headaches for HVAC businesses today – including things like dispatch, estimates, invoices, work orders, and much more. With tools to manage your operations and improve your customer service, here are three reasons why it makes sense to switch from paper forms to digital HVAC invoices.

1. Ensure Accurate Billing

One of the key benefits of moving from paper forms to digital apps is the ability to access accurate inventory information in real-time from the field. For example, a field technician would have the ability to access detailed information about parts and up to date pricing. All of this can be done from a mobile device or tablet, bringing information from a database directly to a technician on site.

For HVAC invoices, this means that when a technician fills out an invoice for a customer, they can easily choose the correct parts they want to add to the bill instead of having to look it up in a catalog book or guess what the price of the part is. All this data can tie back to an inventory management system to ensure trucks are always stocked with the right parts to complete the job.

By connecting information between the field and office, you can work toward more accurate billing and ensure that information is synced in real-time to everyone that needs it.

2. Receive Payments Faster

Another reason to go digital with HVAC invoices is to receive payments faster. When dealing with paper forms and invoices, this often means factoring in the travel time back to the office. Because this involves manual processes, billing to customers may be delayed and payments slowed down. 

When HVAC companies move to digital apps for invoices it allows billing to happen much faster. Billing can be done on a daily basis and customers can get accurate bills within minutes of completing their HVAC services since everything is processed automatically. This can help increase cash flow and it simplifies the process for customers. With the option to integrate HVAC invoices with digital payment processing, customers that want to pay via a credit card can sign off on work and payments right away.

3. Automate Manual Work

The final benefit of digital HVAC invoices is the time saved by eliminating manual processes. One common pain point for businesses today is the manual and time consuming processes involved when dealing with paper work and accounting tasks. Going digital allows you to automate this work and free up time for your staff.

With digital apps, you can automatically create and send HVAC invoices. Some apps will even offer integrations so you can connect to your QuickBooks or other accounting systems. Some companies have reported this has helped to speed up payment collection by up to 35%.

Integrating data systems and automating work allows you to get paid faster and avoid tedious tasks. By going digital, you can simplify your workflows around invoicing and you can keep your forms up to date on your products, services, and customer lists.

The ultimate goal with going paperless is to keep your teams synced between the field and the office. With synced data, your team in the field won’t have to worry about inputting that info every time they arrive for a job. And your team in the office will get data updated in real-time without having to rely on manual data entry.

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