Region of Waterloo Intl Airport Launches Productivity Mobile Apps for Airports Worldwide on GoCanvas

By Michael Benedict on February 18, 2012

Waterloo Regional Airport Mobile Apps

Region of Waterloo International Airport knows how to run a very professional operation.  A number of months ago, they analyzed how they could perform activities like Airport PAPI Inspections/Calibrations, reporting on Runway De-Icing and Terminal Building Daily Inspections– all vital activities for any airport – much more efficiently and decided to move away from paper forms.  Now, all these activities are captured on a smartphones and tablets – increasing accuracy, compliance and the ability to track results.  Waterloo partnered with GoCanvas Solutions to build mobile app versions of their paper forms, and have now decided to share their mobile apps with airports worldwide.

Said Currie Russell, C.M., Supervisor, Safety and Security at Region of Waterloo International Airport “All of our inspection and patrol activities are done more quickly, thoroughly and accurately.  No longer do we have to go chasing down paper forms or waste time on data entry, filing and storage.  All of our data is available from the GoCanvas server, ready to be imported into our databases.  By receiving emailed reports from GoCanvas, supervisors get a picture of all the operational activities taking place over the course of the day.”

Visit the Waterloo International Airport Application Store today to checkout their entire selection.  You can start downloading their apps immediately for a 30-day Free Trial, and all their apps can be easily customized to suit your airport’s requirements.