Warning: you are losing money on fire inspection checklists

By katie simpson on July 16, 2014

Photo credit: The National Guard via photopin cc

As a fire department, you work to keep your community safe. More than rushing into burning buildings, you spend a majority of your time preventing fires. You’re spending hours a week on fire safety inspections. That means hours on checklists, and ensuring buildings are truly safe.

While prevention is far cheaper than putting out fires, your current fire inspection checklist could be creating a heavy cost on your department. With limited budgets, discover how switching to a mobile app can help make your budget go further.

Faster fire inspections

Switching to a mobile fire inspection checklist will make them faster. Why? With paper you have to find the right form and take down all the notes on paper. Afterwards, you have to file the form. Worse, you could be spending time filling out this information into a database. This requires additional time, and every hour of redundant work takes away from other tasks.

With a mobile app, simply grab your smartphone or tablet. You can have all your fire inspections apps right there. Choose the form that you need, and start filling it out. You don’t need to spend 15 minutes searching for the right form: it’s available whenever you need it.

In addition, mobile apps provide additional features to make your fire inspection checklists go more quickly. These include:

• One click photo capture
• Automatic date and time stamps
• E-signatures
• Checklists
• Required fields

Many phones and tablets also have speech to text features. Speak into the device and all the information will be clearly printed for them. With all these features you’ll not have faster safety inspections, you’ll also enjoy fuller and more accurate information in each form.

Real time information

Working in fire safety, you know that every second counts. Yet paper forms take additional time to fill out and access that information. All day, you go to various locations in your town or region. Then, you have to go back to the office and spend a few more hours transcribing this information into your database. Paper inspections create more work, not less.

Switching to a mobile app will give you this information in real time. Every finished fire inspection is sent directly to the cloud. There you can view all the information, from text descriptions, to photos and signatures in an easy to read PDF.

In addition, fire inspection checklist apps makes it easier to find information. Instead of spending time looking for a form, you can do a simple search. With GoCanvas, you can have every finished form named by entries from that form. For instance, you can automate your app to name your inspections by date, building type, and inspector. Looking for inspections from July? Simply search the month and you’ll find what you need in seconds.

When every moment matters, get the information you need now. You’ll save time while keeping your firefighters and community safe.

 More thorough fire inspections

Even in fire safety, human error happens. Perhaps a form comes back with one section skipped, or a building was inspected with the wrong form type. While we all make mistakes, these errors put your community at risk and potentially out of compliance.

Mobile apps ensure that you are protecting your community. With mobile apps, you can have required fields. Even if someone skips an entry by accident, they won’t be able to submit the inspection. Required fields ensure you get complete information each and every time.

More than complete inspections, our additional features ensure your information is validated. Automatic time and date stamps prove that inspections occurred when they needed to. Photos give you visual confirmation that businesses are up to code. Not only do these features make routine inspections faster, but also ensure you are protecting both your community and your department.

As a fire department, you keep your community safe 24/7. Fire inspection checklist apps allow you to keep your department safe and up to code quickly and easily. Whether you use iOS, Android, Windows, or Blackberries, you’ll enjoy more accurate information in real time, as well as faster routine maintenance.

With our fire inspection checklist apps, you’ll save hours with less administrative work and on your labor costs. Spend your time on what matters most: keeping your community safe.

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