VTI Security Locks Down Paperless Solution with GoCanvas on Android, iPhone, and iPad

By andy adams on November 1, 2012

VTI Security Locks Down Paperless Solution with GoCanvas on Android, iPhone, and iPad

VTI Security, a corporate security company headquartered in Minnesota, has started using GoCanvas on a number of devices in order to decrease their use of paper and increase the efficiency of data collection.

VTI has six offices in five different states throughout the country with well over a hundred employees between them.  Year after year they have been recognized as a top 25 system integrator in the United States.  They offer services for companies from small scale to enterprise level, with everything from installation and maintenance to a “lifecycle management” approach which ensures that their customer’s security system is always up to date.  For a full list over their services and capabilities, visit their site.

When dealing with security systems, whether it be designing, installing, maintaining, or any variation of these, there are large amounts of critical data which must be collected and cataloged for analysis.  Before moving to mobile apps with GoCanvas, this process was largely analog for VTI.  Employees would gather all relevant data on paper, which would then need to be taken back to the office and entered into the company database.  This two fold system of collecting then reentering data into their backend system was using up their in office employees most valuable resource: time.

With this in mind, one of the first things that VTI did with GoCanvas was to perform system integration, so that all data captured with GoCanvas automatically flowed into their database without having to be reentered.  They then started using Canvas’s new Dispatch tool by becoming a beta tester on Android.  When work orders for current customers come in, their office employees can now take the predetermined information (company, address, reported issue etc.) and prefill that information on their mobile forms.  These are then assigned and sent out to their employees in the field, allowing them to capture only the information relevant to the work they perform.

At GoCanvas we’re always thrilled to work with Customers who utilize our service’s higher functions.  To start down the road of full automation, the first steps are to sign up for a free trial and download an app from our Application Store.

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