Valentine’s Day at Canvas: 5 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Going Paperless

By keith bateman on February 14, 2017

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When it comes to going paperless there are many options to like, but not many to fall in love with.

Some people choose to purchase very complex software to solve simple data collection and analysis issues, while others decide to build expensive “in-house” programs that require dedicated resources from their IT team.

Both of these options are extremely time-consuming when it comes to deployment and tend to be very taxing on internal resources.

So if neither of those sound like good options, where do most people turn next? The answer 96% of the time is GoCanvas!

GoCanvas can be best described as a flexible, light-weight data collection platform that can be integrated into the systems you are already using!

Top 5 Reasons Why People Love Using Canvas

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1.  ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Solution – The problem with most enterprise type software is that they try to offer you services or features that you don’t need, and can end up making your process even more complex and slower than it was before. With GoCanvas, you are able to customize the solution from the ground up based on your previous process. GoCanvas gives your organization the flexibility to: A) Entirely replace your outdated data collection process, B) Supplement your current process or software you have in place, C) Fully Integrate into your company’s backend systems.

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2. Plug & Play – Whenever we conduct a customer survey, the first thing that our clients point to as a reason they decided to buy GoCanvas was how easy it was to get started. We have created GoCanvas to be a service that doesn’t require IT knowledge or support in order to deploy to your team. It is a platform that can be used in any industry, not just Construction or HVAC. In fact, some of our top industries include Retail, Healthcare, and Manufacturing. This just further confirms the flexibility of the platform and that deploying a solution in just days, not weeks, is the norm.

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3. A Smart Investment – When someone first signs up for a trial of GoCanvas,  one of our main goals is to help them prove out a Return on Investment. We want to ensure that everyone who becomes a GoCanvas customer is not only going to become more efficient in their daily data capture processes, but that this will ultimately lead them into seeing more money on their bottom line. Today, 78% of GoCanvas customers realize a full ROI within 7- 9 months of deployment. This means that GoCanvas pays for itself before you have even used it for a full year!

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4. Quick Connections – One of the biggest benefits reported by Canvas users is the ability to share data whenever and wherever it needs to go. With pre-built integrations with SalesForce, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox – your data can go from the GoCanvas cloud to your 3rd party software in seconds. GoCanvas also works with Zapier, which gives customers the ability to seamlessly integrate with over 750+ web applications including Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Google Sheets, SQL, and more. We even staff in-house Professional Services team that works with clients one-on-one to provide custom solutions that fit their organizational needs. 

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5. Humans!  – It may seem like a weird thing, but the ability to actually talk to a human and not a robot in today’s tech world is a huge benefit to many companies. From the moment you sign-up for a free trial of GoCanvas, our goal is to interact with you and learn as much about your business and processes as possible. You also have access to our live customer support team who are here to help you get around any roadblock you may find on your way to going paperless. But if you prefer to figure things out for yourself, we have a pretty awesome help section filled with video tutorials and more.

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