Using Templates in GoCanvas

By Joe Baldwin on October 4, 2011


A GoCanvas template is a copy of a GoCanvas app that does not transmit down to a mobile device, but can act as a starting point for a new GoCanvas mobile app.

You can create templates from your existing GoCanvas mobile apps and use these templates to create new GoCanvas apps.  With templates, there’s no need to start from scratch.

Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way:

Once logged into your GoCanvas account, on the My Apps page you will notice the “More” option to the right of each of your published or pending apps. Click “More” and select “Create Template”.

So, now that you have the template created what’s next?

A new tab will appear on the left side of the “My Apps” screen that says “My Templates”. Select this option.

You will now find yourself on the templates page. From here you can edit the template or create a new app from the template.


Now you can create that next must have app for your organization!