Using Mobile to Control Your Construction Project Costs

By Michael Benedict on December 1, 2016

Using Mobile to Control Your Construction Project Costs There is reason why barely 50 percent of construction companies survive after their third year in business. Construction costs are at an all-time high, according to Turner Construction's cost index. Labor costs are through the roof, and while materials costs aren't increasing as quickly as labor, they are also on the rise.

But another big issue costing construction companies dearly is errors in estimating. One small error can cost you the profit on an entire job. Another problem with keeping job costs under control is lack of communication during the job — problems are reported when it is often too late to correct them.

How do you solve these problems so you don’t become one of the failure statistics? Mobile apps can help. Mobile apps allow managers to track daily costs and allow for field-to-office communication in near real time. Team members have the same information at the same time and can respond quickly to changes. And data collected by your team on mobile devices can be instantly exported to a file, as well as synched with other software systems at the office, so you can understand how your costs are trending in relation to job profits.

Interested in learning more about how mobile can help your construction company control project costs so you can stay profitable? Download our free eBook, Use Mobile Apps to Manage Project Costs — And Protect Your Margins.

In it you will find:

  • Information on how mobile apps can help you track and control project costs, as well as estimate accurately
  • Details on how accurate tracking of employee time, equipment use, and materials purchases can help keep your company in the black
  • Examples of how to use mobile to estimate what purchased equipment is really costing you per hour

How to Use Mobile Apps to Manage Costs and Protect Margins

How to Use Mobile Apps to Manage Costs and Protect Margins