Using GoCanvas to Take Time Cards Paperless

By scott shea on March 11, 2013

time card app

Just about everyone has a smartphone or tablet nowadays.  With all the power and functionality these devices provided, it seems logical to use them for as many business related purposes as possible to become more efficient.  One simple way many businesses are beginning to do this is with time cards.  With GoCanvas, you can build a customized time card app that each employee can fill out right from their mobile device.  With all that GoCanvas offers you can get far more useful information about how employees are spending their time during the day.

The first step is to sign up for a free trial.  Then, we need to get a time card app in to the account.  Here is a list of time cards that can be found in our Application Store:  Anything found there is free to download and can also be customized.  This way you do not have to build something from scratch.

A lot of customers that use GoCanvas for time take advantage of some really cool features.  Image capture and GP capture allow the users to document exactly where they were at certain times during the day.  This provides useful verification to the employer.  Also, the app can be time stamped and even provide a calculation of how long a user was at a specific location.

Many businesses have employees that travel to several locations throughout the day.  These need to be reflected in a time card.  With GoCanvas, this is simple.  We have “List Screens” which allow users to enter items to a list and fill out repeating information. For instance, a user could enter “Job 1” to the list and fill out the date, time, and capture the GPS for the location.  GoCanvas will now prompt you to add another item to the list.  The user can now enter “Job 2” and fill out the same information.  The user can repeat this process as many times as he needs to during the day before submitting a daily time card.

Once the time card is totally complete, the submission will be uploaded to the GoCanvas cloud.  No matter where the user is, the employer can immediately see all the time cards for the day.  This eliminates wait times as well as back end data entry.  All this is accomplished from the smart device that most folks already own!