University of Oregon’s (Paper) Trail Shortened with GoCanvas on iOS

By andy adams on July 19, 2012

University of Oregon's Paper Trail Shortened with GoCanvas iOS

Recently, Andrew Karduna at the University of Oregon has begun using GoCanvas on iPads for his Psychological Studies.  For these studies much information must be gathered, starting with the consent of subjects.

When asked to describe his experience with GoCanvas, Andrew had the following to say,

“We used GoCanvas to develop a human subjects consent form on an iPad.  Typically, we have subjects sign a paper copy.  We were able to condense the information needed and include it in a GoCanvas app.  We recently received IRB approval for this and will be starting to use it this summer.  In addition to getting rid of the paper forms, accessing the data on the GoCanvas server is easier than looking for it in our locked filing cabinet.”

Because this is a confidential study by nature, it was important for the University to be able to index responses without gathering subject names.  To do this, Andrew explored options made possible by Canvas’s Unique Numbering feature, which automatically gives each submitted form its own number by which it can be identified.  Once the information about the subjects was captured it was sent up to Canvas’s secure server where it is automatically indexed and can be searched for by any of the fields captured in the app.

At GoCanvas, we’re proud to be able to help institutions like the University of Oregon to achieve its goals.  For your own educational application check out our Application Store, or Send Us Your Form to get your own custom app built today.