Universal Waste Management Lives up to Mantra; Reduces Paper Use with GoCanvas on Android

By andy adams on January 17, 2013

Universal Waste Management
Universal Waste Management, a biomedical waste transporter and storage facility headquartered outside Jacksonville, FA, has made the move to go paperless by deploying GoCanvas on Android-powered tablets.

Universal Waste Management specializes in the retrieval, transportation, and storage of hazardous biomedical waste.  Each day they visit various medical facilities and remove their waste, allowing for the offices to remain hygienic, safe, and clutter free.  Once the waste is removed it is then transported to a facility designated for safe storage.  When dealing with potentially dangerous waste, one thing that Universal Waste Management has become very familiar with is thorough documentation.  Data on all waste must be both captured and cataloged before being submitted to appropriate agencies.

Before moving to GoCanvas, all of this information was gathered through an official paper form.  These forms would be filled in each time a site was visited, and then submitted back at the office in order to continue on to the proper parties.  As with all paper forms, a good deal of writing and a little bit of math was necessary when performing the service.  By moving to GoCanvas on Android, Universal Waste Management has been able to automate much of this process.

Through enabling the use of barcode scanning, Universal Waste Management is able to automatically populate their client’s company information, appropriate waste containers, and even send an email containing the completed form.  Their GoCanvas app even performs calculations so their folks in the field save valuable time.  Through these GoCanvas features they have been able to significantly increase the efficiency of each site visit.  Additionally, Universal Waste Management has taken advantage of Canvas’s Custom PDF service, allowing the PDF output to match their original form!

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