Understand labor costs in real time with timesheet detail apps

By katie simpson on July 14, 2014

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Whether you have two or two hundred employees, your business relies on their work for success. Timesheets are a great way to track your labor costs, but come with a whole set of issues. They can come back with errors, go missing, and can create hours of additional work just to pay your employees.

Today, you can have a timesheet detail app that will not only save you time but also improve your understanding of your labor costs. Here’s how:

Get labor costs in real time

With paper timesheet details, it’s a slow process retrieving the information. First the paper forms must be filled out during the week. Then, these forms need to be taken to the appropriate department. If a business has remote employees, getting these forms can take hours or days. Finally, you have to enter this information a second time into your database.

This process not only hinders your ability to pay employees, but also your understanding of labor costs. In industries like construction, oil & gas, or manufacturing, this delay can hurt your ability to understand a project overall.

With a timesheet detail app, you can get all this information in real time. Every finished form is sent directly to the cloud. There, your accounting department can access it immediately. With bulk downloading options such as Excel or CSV files, it’s easy to not only look at your large scale labor costs, but also to integrate your timesheets into QuickBooks or other accounting programs.

Information that once could take days or weeks to process is now available in real time with timesheet detail apps.

More accurate timesheets

Ensuring accurate timesheets on paper can be incredibly difficult. If someone arrives late to a worksite, for instance, site managers have to retrieve the paper form from their truck or office, note the employee’s arrival time, and return the paper form. 

The need to note a late employee’s arrival cuts into the workflow of the day. For many managers, it’s easier to estimate when someone arrived on site than it is to report in real time on paper. 

Estimates can lead to further problems with employees. Some may complain that they aren’t being paid enough and should be paid more.

Suddenly, you have to double check hours worked before sending checks. While paper timesheets try to make tracking labor easy, they actually create extra hurdles for businesses.

Timesheet detail apps makes calculating time worked easy. Open the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. The app can have the time automatically entered. This feature makes it easy for managers and improves accuracy. You’ll struggle less ensuring accurate checks and a better understanding of what your employees are actually doing.

If you have hourly workers, a timesheet detail app can help your business spend less time tracking employees and more on actual work. 

Custom fit for your needs

Every business has slightly different needs. Perhaps you categorize your jobs in a specific way when doing labor costs. Maybe you want location of the job in your timesheet. Whatever your needs are, a cookie cutter timesheet app isn’t going to work for your business.

You can have a custom timesheet detail app without breaking the bank. At GoCanvas, you can easily create or edit your apps without any IT support. Our app builder has a drag and drop interface. Make your edits and a new or updated app will be ready for your users in seconds. For a small subscription fee, update or create as many apps as you like for the same cost.

Whatever information you need to track your labor costs can easily be added on to your timesheet app. As your business grows, you can have a timesheet app that grows with you.

Don’t have time to build your own? Send us your form: For free, we’ll convert your timesheet into a custom mobile app. No money, no sweat, just a great product you can test for 30 days.

Understanding your labor costs is crucial for business success. A timesheet detail app will make it faster, easier, and give you a better picture of your labor costs. While every business is different, you can have a custom mobile app tailored to your business and your needs.

Do you want to start saving time?

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