UK-based Air Conditioning Installation and Service Specialist Completes Service Reports on iPhone

By Jason Good on January 21, 2013

UK-based Air Conditioning Installation and Service Specialist Completes Service Reports on iPhone

GoCanvas has customers all over the world.  Just in recent months I have helped companies in Costa Rica, the Philipines, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia go paperless.  An air conditioning company in the UK that specializes in the installation and servicing of air conditioning and ventillation systems was looking to streamline its business and recoup all of the time they were spending managing paperwork.  They found GoCanvas and now their service reports are completed and transmitted electronically using iPhones.

A lot of our air conditioning contractors serve commercial customers.  They visit the same customers on a regular basis providing service and installation services.  This generates a lot of paperwork for both parties!  The contractor and the customer each get a copy of the service report for every visit.  Our subscriber in the UK was facing all of the standard problems with paper…

  • Handwriting can be illegible.
  • Fields are often left blank.
  • Paper forms are slow! They ride around in trucks for days and days before returning to the office.

Enter GoCanvas!  What does their world look like now?  Instead of carrying a big clipboard around, their technicians just need their iPhone.  They launch GoCanvas and open their Service Report app that they customized with Canvas’s powerful App Builder.  They capture the time they arrive on site and the time they leave the site.  They insert photos of any issues with the equipment they are servicing.  They enter any notes regarding the work that they complete and if a return visit is necessary.  Their customer signs it.  Their technician signs it.  The data is uploaded to the GoCanvas cloud where it can be accessed anytime via the GoCanvas website.  A PDF is emailed immediately back to the office.  Done and done.

Service ticket apps, invoice apps, estimate apps, inspection apps, time card apps and much more can all be completed with GoCanvas.  Our Application Store has a whole library of pre-built apps for the construction and contracting industries.  All of them can be customized for how YOU do business.  

Your paperless future can start today!  Sign-up for a free trial of GoCanvas.  You’ll have full access to all of the powerful features available to our paying subscribers so you can see exactly how GoCanvas will save your organization valuable time. 

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