Turn Your BlackBerry Into Your Business App Machine – Special Offer For GoCanvas & BlackBerry Users

By James W Quigley on November 21, 2011

Mobile Business Apps Designed for You

GoCanvas has launched a special offer to all BlackBerry users from now through the end of the year! GoCanvas is offering to convert two RIM/BlackBerry and Canvasof your current paper forms with a GoCanvas mobile app – for Free.  Send us your forms, and while you are on a free trial we will convert two (2) of your existing paper-based forms into powerful GoCanvas mobile applications with capabilities well beyond paper. Drop your clipboards and pick up your BlackBerry instead!  If your Free Trial of GoCanvas has expired… we will also extend your trial to let you see what GoCanvas and BlackBerry can do together. Need to extend your free trial of GoCanvas? Click Here or send your request to extend your trial to Sales@GoCanvas.com.

Once converted to a GoCanvas Mobile App the solution will automatically work on all RIM BlackBerry Smartphones including the powerful new BB 7.0 devices.   It's a great way to experience the value of going mobile and going paperless! Take advantage of this special offer by going to: www.gocanvas.com/blackberry and then click on the special offer banner at the bottom of the page to send us your forms! Or just send your forms to BBForms@GoCanvas.com.

GoCanvas is the first mobile business application of its kind – allowing businesses the ability to go paperless within minutes by accessing pre-built apps in our Application Store or by building your own from scratch.   Once deployed to a user’s mobile device they can start using their device like they would a digital clipboard.   Data collected is available in a number of different formats including: forwarding as a PDF, search and access via your secure web based GoCanvas portal, downloaded into CSV/XML formats, integration using Canvas's off the shelf plug-ins like QuickBooks, or use Canvas's open webservices API for custom integration.