Turf Surfers Plants the Seed for Paperless Landscaping with GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPhone

By scott shea on May 14, 2012

Landscaping Mobile Apps - Turf Surfers and Canvas

Turf Surfers, a Virginia Beach based landscaping business, has recently taken their business mobile leaving behind no trail of paper.  They have decided to take advantage of GoCanvas mobile business apps on iPhones, making their business faster and more cost efficient.  This small business realized not only the amount of paper they were wasting, but the inefficiencies of their business associated with paper.  Turf Surfers was filling out everything on paper including daily schedules, work orders, leave slips and expense reports.  GoCanvas has provided a one stop shop for all these needs and the information is stored on secure GoCanvas servers to be accessed at any time in the future.

Now, when the crew is out working hard to beautify another yard, they can capture all necessary information regarding the job site, submit it electronically and it will be sent in real time back to the office.  The olden days of having to wait for illegible work orders and leave slips are a thing of the past!  According to one employee at Turf Surfers, the process has become second nature to all after using it for just a couple weeks.

Turf Surfers made great use of the GoCanvas Application store which has thousands of pre-built apps that can be downloaded for free.  Once they found all the forms needed, they were able to customize the apps to specifically fit Turf Surfers needs.   Find some apps that fit the needs of your business in our applications store here at http://www.gocanvas.com/mobile-forms-apps.   Or even find prebuilt Landscaping Apps.

Check out GoCanvas for yourself at www.gocanvas.com.

In the Virginia Beach area? Give Turf Surfers a try!  Contact their sales manager Tony van Goidtsnoven at 757-705-2912.