Triumvirate Environmental Comes to Life with GoCanvas Apps

By Jason Good on October 22, 2013

Triumvirate Environmental

Triumvirate Environmental of Somerville, MA USA is a leading provider of waste management, field services, and technical services to a variety of industries.  They help their clients reduce waste and save money.Still, they struggled to extract value from their paper forms.  According to Triumvirate, the data from their safety programs was “cumbersome to manage and not being fully utilized.”

So they looked at various software packages and talked to software development companies  but always ran into these problems:

  • Too limited
  • Too difficult to implement
  • Too expensive

While looking for a solution, Jeff Fontas (IT Specialist with Triumvirate), found GoCanvas.  Canvas provided a unique solution because it was:

  • Flexible – He could build and edit his own forms online, anytime. As his needs changed, he could change his forms too.
  • Simple – Canvas’s App Builder is a simple online tool anyone can use to convert paper forms to mobile apps. Plus, GoCanvas works on all Android, Apple, and Blackberry mobile devices.
  • Cost Effective – Our mobile apps are often less expensive than paper. Companies save even more money by capturing and transmitting data electronically. Triumvirate was able to connect their system to Canvas so the data can be dropped into their own system.  No more time spent transcribing data from paper forms! 

Today Triumvirate has over 200 employees set up with GoCanvas.  Their environmental compliance specialists use GoCanvas to perform site risk assessments to ensure that their jobs are completed safely and adequate precautions are taken.  Their field staff completes safety audits through GoCanvas to ensure that the proper protective gear and equipment are used.

But most importantly, they collect and analyze data for critical business decisions. Jeff Fontas at Triumvirate says it best…

“To me, the best thing about GoCanvas is that it brings forms that were once a stack of paper to life.  Through GoCanvas, we now have a direct way of submitting and retrieving our data, parsing it, and acting on it when it provides us with new opportunities.  We didn’t have that before; we were missing the narrative our forms were presenting us.  Today we use that narrative to guide our operation.”

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