Transportation Company Kicks Paper to the Curb for GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPads

By kalliopi vlastos on June 24, 2012

canvas apps for bills of lading

An automobile transportation company based in North Carolina has converted its fleet of truck drivers to GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPads leaving paper in the dust.

The company, which has been in business for over 10 years, services a diverse range of clients, from small used car lots to auto manufacturers and large chains of auto dealerships. Prior to discovering GoCanvas the company’s drivers would “snail mail” their work orders (sometimes overnight) in order to get them back to the office in a timely manner so that the admins could bill the clients shortly thereafter.

With the company’s postal fees rising over $400 each month, the owner began searching for a mobile solution to cut down on costs. With GoCanvas, he found much more. They started out with a standard Bill of Lading app from the Transportation and Warehousing collection of mobile templates in the GoCanvas Application Store and worked with an App Consultant to tweak it until they were collecting the exact data they needed.

Using reference data, the driver is able to filter the company’s database of makes and models to select the proper automobile without any typing. The user simply selects the year, which populates a drop-down of the available car makes from that year. Once the make is selected, GoCanvas filters the results to display the possible models. The user simply types in the color, scans the VIN# with an external barcode scanner and records the mileage.

This GoCanvas app doesn’t simply match the data the company was formerly collecting on paper, but improves upon it.  By including photo capture fields in the app, the drivers keep the dealers honest about damages to the vehicles. What may have been described as a “small scratch”, but was actually a large one, is now documented with a photo and the customer signs off on it with the swipe of a finger.  The data that is collected, photos, signature and all produces a PDF document, which was designed using our Custom PDF service.

Since the company was very happy with the look of its original paper form it submitted the design to GoCanvas in hopes that we could match it using our Custom PDF software.  The company’s customers can barely tell the difference, and its back office no longer needs to worry about illegible hand writing or missing packages. All the data is collected and processed electronically.

Now the company’s mail bills are non-existent and the back office is able to process “paper work” much quicker since the admin receives a copy of the work order the moment it’s uploaded to the GoCanvas server as does the customer.

You’re business can experience the same kind of transformation and ROI. Visit our Application Store to get started. If you have any questions, our Mobile App Consultants are happy to help. Email us at or speak to a real, live person by giving us a call at 866.242.9334.