Transitioning Paper Forms into Mobile Forms: The GoCanvas Custom PDF Service

By keith bateman on May 8, 2013

Most of our clients know about the Send Us Your Form (SUYF) service and that they can build their own app using the builder functionality, but some still want further options on how to customize the output of their GoCanvas document.  As you may or may not know,  every time a form is completed on your device using GoCanvas and uploaded it to the cloud database, an electronic record of the information collected(in PDF form) is then emailed to yourself and any receipts requested. Within GoCanvas, we give clients the ability to customize everything on the output PDF document from font size, company logo, header information, page breaks, image capture sizes, and even hiding information collected within the application from showing up on the document. These are just a few of the ways we allow our clients to personalize their documents, and you can click here to learn more.

But still, customers want an extra level of customization. Many of our customers current client base is accustomed to receiving a paper receipt, PO, invoice, etc. that looks a certain way. Many companies want their new mobile output PDF’s to have that same look and feel(digitally) that their customers are used to having originally. That is why GoCanvas has a Custom PDF Service. We give our clients the ability to have their output GoCanvas documents have almost the same exactly look and layout as their original paper forms. This includes placement of logos, tables, graphics, lines, fonts, etc.


This is a custom service, which means a one-time fee does come with it. How it works is that our developers take a look at the paper form that you are trying to connect with the GoCanvas application that you have likely already created/used. It is important we have a GoCanvas app already created because our developers match the Custom PDF they create with the same fields located within that application. And that is also all we charge for a Custom PDF. 

Custom PDF’s do not have a fixed price setup(development starts at $399 and higher), but are given individual quotes based on the paper form being submitted. The client will have the ability to accept or reject the quote, and discuss the options with a Mobile App Consultant.

And as always if you have any questions about customizing your standard PDF output or about the Custom PDF service, please email or contact your Mobile App Consultant!