Toy Manufacturer Goes Mobile at Trade Shows With GoCanvas Apps on iPads

By kalliopi vlastos on August 8, 2012

canvas apps for trade show

An awrd-winning creator, manufacturer, and distributor of educational toys for children has found a new toy for its own purposes – GoCanvas mobile apps on iPads!

The company has created a Trade Show Order Form app for its sales representatives to use when travelling to various trade shows across the country. Instead of using paper forms and paperclips to gather information about retailers interested in selling the company’s products, the sales reps come equipped with iPads and GoCanvas.

The app captures general information like the company name, billing information, order date and ship date before prompting the sales person to capture a photo of the contact’s business card. The sales rep then scans a barcode of the product the customer would like to order. Once the barcode is scanned from the product catalog using the iPad camera, the GoCanvas app populates the description, warehouse cost and extra costs associated with that particular toy.

Canvas’s list screen functionality allows the rep to enter as many items as the customer would like to purchase, then it subtotals the amount and adds the charge for shipping. The app even includes a special notice if the order qualifies for free shipping made possible by Canvas’s conditional screens. The customer then verifies that the order is correct with the new Submission Preview feature and then signs to confirm the order with the swipe of a finger.

GoCanvas makes it easy for this company to capture orders seamlessly on iPads while their competitors at booths near bye try to keep up with paper. This company may have built its own app, but you don’t have to start from scratch. We have a Trade Show Order Form app template in our application store that you can download for free with a GoCanvas trial. Give it a try! You can always tweak it to fit your business needs.