Top 4 Workplace Safety Apps

By The GoCanvas Team on October 3, 2021
Tags: Safety

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There are many great reasons to invest in workplace safety apps. Digital technology for safety can help modernize your operations and provide greater insight into safety issues and patterns. 

A digital workplace safety management program will lead to better overall outcomes for your business. Apps help to keep workers safe and productive, ultimately lowering risk for your business and ensuring safety compliance. This article highlights the top workplace safety apps to roll out in your workplace.


#1. Covid Safety Apps

Employee health screening apps have become standard for businesses during the pandemic. This category of safety apps has been particularly useful in industries like retail, construction, manufacturing, and similar types of businesses that have needed to operate in-person.

The purpose of the technology is simple. It helps to screen employees daily to record their temperature, symptoms, and potential exposure to the virus. 


Key features include:

    • Alerts based on thresholds like high temperatures or symptoms
    • Photo capture (or manual entry) for thermometer readings
    • Required signatures
    • GPS location capture
    • Symptom tracker
    • Secure cloud storage
    • Online and offline data collection
    • Pre-populated info like employee names and badge numbers
    • Screening dashboard showing near real-time results
    • Employee health screening advice and resources
    • Vaccination Log
    • HIPPA Compliant to protect sensitive information


When workers are exposed to coronavirus, it can create delays and cause downtime or lost productivity. Minimize these risks by deploying simple health screening apps that can protect your business and your customers. With real-time reporting, you can hear about potential risks as soon as they are reported to minimize further exposure.

You can learn more about employee health screening apps by following this link.



#2. Safety Meetings Apps

Safety culture is a top priority for the construction industry and field crews. This category of safety apps is designed to digitize safety meeting content, so employees can watch videos and complete forms on their mobile devices.

Safety meetings, sometimes referred to as toolbox talks, can cover a wide range of topics. Apps can be used to formalize these programs and measure employee engagement with the meetings.


Key features include:

    • Workflow tools to manage and assign meetings
    • Toolbox talks available to complete from any mobile device
    • Digital signatures to record compliance
    • Real-time reporting on safety meeting attendance across job sites
    • Alerts to identify non-compliance
    • Program results stored in the cloud
    • Online or offline capabilities
    • Pre-built templates with hundreds of existing toolbox talks to choose from


When toolbox talks are run using a safety meeting app, it gives your employees an easy way to access critical safety information. Since safety meeting apps are digital, it gives your business an easy way to track and report on safety program data like meeting attendance and incidents. 

You can learn more about safety meeting apps by following this link.


#3. Incident/Accident Apps

Incident and accident reporting is a requirement set by OSHA. Safety apps can be used on job sites to provide the required forms to complete in case of an accident or near miss. By going digital with these forms, it ensures proper reporting procedures are followed and apps provide an instant way of reporting accidents through the proper channels.


Key features include:

    • Customizable mobile forms 
    • Required form fields to ensure data accuracy
    • Easily capture images, GPS stamps, and sketches of the actual site of the accident
    • Central cloud-based system for reporting and documentation
    • Access and share PDF files via email to stakeholders
    • Dashboards and reporting to analyze safety incidents across job sites
    • Pre-built templates for OSHA forms 300, 300A, 301, and more
    • HIPPA Compliant to protect sensitive information


Going digital with incident and accident reporting is a great alternative to using pen and paper. While paper forms can be easily lost or misplaced, digital apps and forms ensure that data is never lost and is shared in real-time with anyone that needs it.

Learn more about Incident and Accident Reporting apps by following this link.


#4. Safety Inspection Apps

Routine safety inspections are designed to audit and assess job sites. Safety apps can be used for safety inspections, using digital checklists and mobile forms. This type of app helps to streamline workflows by managing and assigning safety inspections in the field. Some common safety inspection apps include job safety analysis, PPE checklists, equipment inspections and more.


Key features include:

    • Easy-to-use digital checklists and image capture
    • Barcode scanning for equipment 
    • Digital signatures and GPS tracking to ensure locations
    • Dynamic form fields for faster data collection 
    • Data integrations to pre-populate any known fields
    • Pre-built and customizable templates based on use case


Using apps for safety inspections is a time-saver for inspectors in the field, making it faster to complete forms and eliminating the need to deal with manual-processes with paperwork. Apps also help operations teams to manage and assign work in the field, with instant reporting back to the office once work has been performed. 

Learn more about all of the types of safety inspection apps by following this link.


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