Top Shelf Transformations Using Customized Estimate App with GoCanvas on iPad

By Jason Good on October 1, 2012

Top Shelf Transformations Using Customized Estimate App with GoCanvas on iPad

Top Shelf Transformations, Northern Ohio's authorized dealer of Monkey Bars garage storage system, was started by Robin Anderrson after nearly 20 years in the education field.  She wanted to work more with her hands and she had been spending more and more time around her own house organizing and improving things.  So she became a dealer of the Monkey Bars system to sell it in 19 northern Ohio counties.  To streamline her business and reduce the amount of paperwork, she turned to GoCanvas for a customized Estimate App that she completes on her iPad.  She can now put together an estimate and email it off to her potential new customer right away, which also shortens her sales cycle.

We love stories like this at GoCanvas.  Top Shelf Transformations is a one-woman operation right now with some part-time help.  Anything that can be done to streamline a business like this and allow a business owner to spend more time doing the things that help grow the business instead of getting mired in paperwork, is a very good thing.  The efficiencies gained using GoCanvas have an amazing impact on a business like this.  We work with tons of businesses like this and it is great to see people starting businesses that will one day hire people and drive the economy.

Robin came to GoCanvas wanting to do estimates on her iPad.  The Monkey Bar system is very flexible and can transform any garage from a total disaster into a neat-nick's nirvana!  But with all of that flexibility comes a wide variety of shelves, hooks, hangars and all kinds of other pieces and parts.  Each installation is totally customized for the customer's specific needs.  So Robin needs to be able to provide an estimate that includes all of the parts needed for each job.

The pricing section of her Estimate App utilizes Canvas's Reference Data feature.  She has uploaded a copy of her pricing list to GoCanvas.  This makes all of her parts available in a drop-down menu for her to choose from.  When she chooses an item then the price of that item and the unit of measure are automatically populated in her Estimate App.  All she has to do is then enter a quantity and Canvas's Calculation feature calculates the total price for that part.  She can repeat this process as often as necessary for each job.  She doesn't have to memorize her price list!  And when the prices change or new parts are made available, then she just updates her price list and re-uploads it to GoCanvas.  Learn how to create a pricing tool with GoCanvas for invoice apps, estimate apps, work order apps and much more!

Robin also inserts pictures into her estimate.  This is a great way to help her remember each job and show in the estimate the areas where her shelving system will be installed.  It also provides a great “before” picture of the customer's garage!  You might know what I'm talking about here.

And she uses Canvas's drawing feature to draw an outline of the garage and show where the shelving units will be installed.  Again, this helps her remember the jobs she provides estimates for and clearly shows the customer where everything will be installed. 

Finally she captures a signature from the client if they want to move forward and she includes her customized terms and conditions language on the estimate.  She is not stuck with someone else's language! 

Robin can generate her estimates right on the spot.  She doesn't have to go home and download pictures to her computer, download a drawing to her computer, and then put together an estimate in Excel or Word.  She can do that quickly and send the estimate directly to the potential customer.  It clearly documents the work she is proposing.  No messy handwritten estimates!  And all estimates are stored in the GoCanvas cloud for her to access anytime.

Robin says she just enjoys making people happy.  Well, we like making Robin happy so she can focus on doing the things that will grow her business faster.  A good estimate will grow a business, of course, but why spend hours doing an estimate when you can complete it in minutes and deliver it to a customer right away?!  

If you are in Northern Ohio and your garage has taken on a life of its own, then please contact Robin!  She will make you happy!

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